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Everything Affiliates Need to Know about HTTPS and SSL Certificates

In 2014 Google began a campaign calling on all sites to implement HTTPS and make the world wide web more secure. At first it was just a recommendation. Then they started giving preferential treatment in the search results to sites that use HTTPS. And now it’s becoming clearer and clearer that the move is inevitable, […]

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How to Troubleshoot Your Affiliate Site & Earn More Commissions

So. You’ve decided to create an affiliate site that will earn you long-term passive income. You chose your niche. You picked your keywords. You built your website. And you got some links. But after all that work, you’re still not seeing the results you had hoped for. Either you are not making sales. Or you’re […]

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Rule #1 of Affiliate Success – Pick the Right Niche

Picking a Good Niche

Today I want to discuss a very serious issue. One that can make the difference for you between success and failure in affiliate marketing. Here’s how this came up: A few months ago three people decided to create an affiliate business online. Each had their own reason. One was about to retire and wanted to […]

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How to Pick Winning Products To Promote This Holiday Season

Everyone knows there's a lot of money to be made during the holiday season, and it really comes down to picking a winning product and following a system that works. But not everyone knows how to pick the kind of product that will really make a big difference to your bottom line. Of course you can […]

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