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Hi. My name is Sara Young. 

I’m a mother of 7 kids, and a super affiliate. I’ve been earning an income online since 1994, and I love helping others do the same!

I enjoy writing about science-based techniques for increasing productivity and happiness in business and in life.

If you are unfortunate enough to be in my presence when I’m working on such an article, you will know that this is also my favorite topic to talk about ­čÖé

I also like writing about technical how-to topics. I enjoy simplifying and breaking-down complicated processes so anyone can follow them.

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My latest posts

Everything You Need to Know About WordPress 5 and the Gutenberg Editor

On December 6, 2018, WordPress unleashed its 5.0 version, including its revolutionary Gutenberg editor. After more than a year of waiting and worrying about the new version, the WordPress community wasn’t too thrilled with the timing of the release, and there were some serious (and valid) questions about the software’s stability. Here we are a…

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Why Affiliate Sites Need to be Using Google Tag Manager

If you’ve got an affiliate site that is already getting traffic and you’d like to increase your earnings, or if you are about to build a new site and want to set it up properly from the start… Then installing Google Tag Manager (GTM) on your site is one of the best things you can…

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The Neuro-Bucket Method: Reprogram Yourself for Success

Well, this turned out to be quite an incredible webinar! If you want to achieve your goals, be more focused and motivated, increase your confidence, and reduce overwhelm, then I highly recommend you watch it right now (scroll down to see the recording). In order to get the most out of this workshop, I recommend…

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How to Troubleshoot Your Affiliate Site & Earn More Commissions

So. You’ve decided to create an affiliate site that will earn you long-term passive income. You chose your niche. You picked your keywords. You built your website. And you got some links. But after all that work, you’re still not seeing the results you had hoped for. Either you are not making sales. Or you’re…

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Everything You’ve Been Told About Motivation Is Wrong

Forget willpower. Forget positive thinking. What if you could motivate yourself on a physical subconscious level? What if you could chemically train your brain to CRAVE being productive? Do you think you would be more successful? Of course you would! You would wake up in the morning itching to get to work. The ÔÇťusual suspectsÔÇŁ…

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