Rule #1 of Affiliate Success – Pick the Right Niche


Today I want to discuss a very serious issue. One that can make the difference for you between success and failure in affiliate marketing.

Here’s how this came up:

A few months ago three people decided to create an affiliate business online.

Each had their own reason.

One was about to retire and wanted to secure an income after retirement. One wanted to stay home with her kids. And one wanted to get away from a hated job.

The reasons don’t matter. What matters is that all 3 had high hopes for their business and looked forward to creating websites that will bring them a steady income and free them to do what they wanted.

Recently all three contacted me, asking for help with their sites.

Their stories were very much alike.

All three worked hard on their sites. All three were ranking well on Google and getting traffic.

But there was a major difference.

The difference was in the amount of sales and income they were generating.

One was doing well, and was about to reach $1,000/month from just one site (imagine how well they will do with a few of those!).

One was making a few sales here and there.

And one was not making any sales from their site.

What made the difference?

Well, it wasn’t how well they were ranking on Google – the one who ranked the highest was making just a few sales.

And it wasn’t the price point of the product they were promoting – the one promoting the most expensive product wasn’t making sales at all.

The difference lied in the niche they picked.

And that’s something that I’ve been saying for a long time.

You have to pick a good niche.

Picking the right niche is crucial – it will save you so much time in the future, and allow you to profit so much more from the work you put in.

Here’s a great report on how to pick a good niche.

(Warning: this might go offline fairly soon)

I’ve said this before, and I am saying it again: It’s very important that you educate yourself on how to do this right.

If you have any comments, or a similar experience to share, please let me know in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “Rule #1 of Affiliate Success – Pick the Right Niche”

  1. I saw the report yesterday, but I didn’t think it applied to me since I am part of IPC which promotes physical products rather than digital products. How can I apply the same technique he outlines for clickbank, to physical products?

    • Good point. Thanks for bringing that up. When you are done with the report, I recommend you watch this video. It complements it well and shows you how to apply it to physical products.


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