How to Get from Less Than $100/month to $1,000/month and More


Today I’d like to teach you something very important.

Pay attention, especially if you are making less than $1,000/month online.

Because this post will help you get from less than $100/month to $1,000/month and more.

I decided to write about this after talking to Jen.

Jen is a student of mine in a program called Insiders Profit Club.

You might not have heard about this program because I haven’t publicized it.  I opened it up in May – just to members of my mailing list, and it filled up within a few days.  Then I allowed a few more people in in June, and it filled up again – pretty much right away.

I haven’t had a need to publicize it yet.

So that’s why you may not have heard about it.

In short, this program teaches you how to create small affiliate sites that make you a consistent income month after month.

One thing I offer in this program is personal one-on-one help until you are making $1,000/month.

This is very important because a lot of people start working with money-making courses and programs, make a few sales, and then stop.

And that’s too bad.  Because what most people don’t realize is that once you are making a few sales, you are very close to making $1,000/month.

And that’s what I want to talk about today – what you need to do to get from less than $100/month to $1,000 or more – no matter what method you are following.

And that’s what I was talking to Jen about.

Jen asked me:

“I have about 100 sites promoting affiliate products.  Some are making a few sales here and there.  Some are not making money at all.  And some make money during a particular season.  What do I need to do to get to $1,000 as soon as possible?”

Now, 100 sites is a lot.  And most people reading this will not have anything close to that (neither do I, actually, and I’m not recommending you do that at all).

But a lot of people reading this will have tried different methods for making money online.

Some of these methods have not made them any money at all, and some have made them a few sales before they gave up.

And that is similar to the position Jen is in.

So – what do you need to do when you are in that situation?  You’ve tried a few methods, made some money here and there, but don’t have a high-enough consistent income stream.

The answer is – focus, tweak, and expand on what is working for you already.  And duplicate it.

Take what is working – what has made you some money – and ask yourself:

Can I duplicate this enough times to get to $1,000/month?  Can I improve on this to make more money?  Can I tweak the system to make it more lucrative?

I’ll give you an example.

Jen has one site – a site she’s developed while following IPC (my group coaching program).  That site has made her a few sales – just a bit of money.

She can decide to give up on the site because it is only making a little bit of money.  Or she can focus on it and expand it to make her more.

Now, that site happens to be in a niche that I’m in, and it happens to promote a product that I’ve been promoting for about 3 years now.

And I know that that product sells well.  I also know that a site for that product alone can bring Jen $1,000/month.  I know because I’ve done it.

But all Jen knows is that this site has made her a little bit of cash.

And she has all those other sites to maintain as well…

So what should she do?

I told Jen to stop working on the sites that are not making her any money.  And she should spend her time tweaking the sites that are making sales – one at a time – so that each one of them is making her more and more money.

For example, this particular site that I just mentioned.

Right now that site is ranking for one keyword and has made a small number of sales.

Here are things Jen can do to increase the number of sales from that site:

* Rank for more keywords related to this product

* Promote similar products on her site

* Test different online merchants to see which brings her the most money

* Read a related online forum to understand what people want and offer that on her site (in this case the forum will tell her that people are looking for the lowest price)

I can’t go too much into detail in this post on how to do each one of those things, but Jen knows how to do it because it’s all explained in IPC.

So as I said: focus, tweak and expand on that site to cause it to generate more money.

If she does that properly she will get herself a nice income.

And that’s what I want you to do as well.

Do you have a site that is making you some money?  What can you do today to tweak this site and make more money out of it?  Or to duplicate it and create another site just like that – so you’re earnings are doubled?

It will take you less energy to do this than to learn a new method and start from scratch.

If you don’t have any sites of your own, do you have a web 2.0 property that is making you money – the way I teach people in Easy Paycheck Formula?  If you do, here are a few things you can do:

* Create more properties for similar keywords

* Promote similar products

* Create your own site for that niche – this will increase your earning potential

Not following Easy Paycheck Formula either?  It doesn’t matter – this is true, no matter what you do.

It’s always easier and more lucrative to focus on improving something that is already working for you, rather than starting something new.

And that – in one sentence – sums up what I wanted to say today.

Or in 5 words: Focus, tweak, expand, and duplicate.

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And – let me know in the comments below – do you have something that is making you some money already?  What can you do today to increase that amount in the near future?

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36 thoughts on “How to Get from Less Than $100/month to $1,000/month and More”

  1. You know, Sara, first of all congratulations on your new baby! Secondly, I don’t know where you find the energy to do all of this too! Thirdly, thank you for sharing that – I needed to hear that this morning! Kristie from Georgia

  2. Nice post, Sara.

    The problem is that some people find it more appealing to build new sites than to actually dig deep and backlink/work on one site until it produces an income. I was guilty of this myself because I didn’t have the patience or foresight to stick with it.

    When I started focusing more on the sites that I had (which were 1 or 2 years old because I had left them so long) they started to produce an income and it is only rising each month now.

  3. Hi sara, I too am enjoying the presence of my newborn, Caleb..what bundles of joy they are.

    I always cherish your words and advise, for if it was not for EPF, I would never have made that 1st sale online..

    So thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom..



  4. Great advice Sara. I have 35 sites and need to focus on the new ones and best selling sites. Its hard, because I will get a small sale on one of the lower selling sites and then switch and spend more time on it ignoring my best sellers for a while. Yes, I know it is insane.

    I appreciate your reminder to work with the sites that are working best and the other advice in this article.

    • @Ben – that’s great!

      @Tom – yes, focusing is very important in this business in many ways. This is one of them – focusing on where the biggest potential is.

      @Daniel, Cindi, Marc, Dee, Don, Winchel – thanks so much!

      @Heidi – sometimes it means rewriting the content. It could also mean changing the merchant you are promoting, improving SEO, adding posts based on other keywords, and more. Whatever is more likely to bring you more money.

      @Jamal – there are a lot of money-making methods out there. Pick the one that seems best for your needs and go with it. You might want to look at my other post about how to pick a method for you.

      @Dale – I haven’t really made money with MLM in the past, so you might want to ask someone who’s been successful with that. My expertise is more in affiliate marketing and promoting my own products.

      @Hagar – that’s a very good point. Thanks for bringing up the idea of selling sites you are not that interested in.

      @Cindy – that’s really good. Making those sales feels great 🙂

  5. Hi Sara. Thank you so much for your continued effort in helping people. Im glad you and your family are doing well. My good karma is travelling down the virtual world to you right now!

  6. Hi Sara! Thanks for this timely post! I’ve put my marketing business on the back burner for the summer and I want to get back in it soon! I have a question about the ‘TWEAK’, does that mean to re-write what is already posted on my landing pages? or, add new content? or both? I do have a site that’s brought in some income, so I really don’t want to re-write it, but perhaps I should add a post or two? What are your thoughts on that Sara? Or anyone else who has experienced this.
    Also, my children are all grown, but I do have a new puppy ‘bundle of joy’ and does he keep me busy! He wants to be in my lap or at my feet constantly. Plus, he chews up everything in sight!
    Thank you for your time and God bless you and your family Sara!


  7. Hi sarah!!

    I have no site and I don’t belong to any profit programm
    Really I need more money,In addition I need to learn exactly
    how to do this work and to earn a lot of money.
    Waiting to your reply


  8. Sara-

    Thank you again for the valuable post. In other words you kind of gave us your take on lather-rinse-repeat. Congrats on the new baby!


  9. Sara, thanks so much for this reminder. Most of my income comes from a site that’s about 7 years old, and 98% of the income comes from Adsense. Thanks to you, I’ve put up about four affiliate sites, which are beginning to make a tiny bit of money. I’m at at lose as to what exactly I need to do to tweak the new sites. Heidi mentioned the same concern in her post above. can you expound a bit on how to tweak these sites? Do we just need to add new posts to them? Add more articles to directories? More backlinks? All of that? Thanks. And congratulations on the new baby. Nap as much as you can.

  10. Congratulations on your baby. I do not have babies now, I have 6 grand kids, and they are fantastic. Love EACH of them.

    Sara, I take to heart your information, and relate it to what I feel may be a parallel problem. I do not have multi mini affiliate sites; I have multiple products, each independent of the other. Each of these products is an MLM product, mostly in non competitive markets (2 in health ‘not competitive’ and 1 in technical).

    In this manner my potential customer has more to look at (more to share) and “important” (I am not taking a prospective customer from one product to the next – as in cross marketing or cross recruiting). My direct intent is not recruiting, that will just naturally take place when respective customers see and experience a great product.

    I would be happy to share individual links so that you can give me more specific feedback. I respect what you are doing, noting that it is very refreshing to hear someone who has their heart and mind in the right place.

    I am thinking that what I need to do is create a single Branding Site with links to each. Then promote this one branding site, using product content form each product (“indirectly” – ‘not blatantly’ cross marketing – I think). A site that is personal ’slash’ marketing branding AND with links to products.

    The marketing and branding name I am using is NoMoHype, taken from the English words “NO More Hype” (including lies, BS, false products, untimely upgrades and real products etc.) I know this is a big mouthful, but I would appreciate some feedback on this.

    NoMoHype – Dale

  11. Think you nailed it perfectly – but there are some products I just seem to “match with” better than others. I’ve found that if I outsource articles for items I’m not doing as well with, even for a few times, I often see an uptick in sales. Then I use that different viewpoint to tweak my own writing.
    The other thing is that once a website has some traffic and income, it’s possible to flip it and use that to finance more sites in an area you’re more successful in. A good guideline for fast cash is six to eight times what the monthly income is – and if its in an “evergreen” niche, you might even do better.
    Hope your having an awesome day!

  12. Great advice! I have become totally jaded with the web marketing “gurus” but you are one of only a couple that I respect.

    Your continued honesty and integrity is greatly appreciated.

  13. @Kristie, get rid of all the spam comments on your blog, it makes google think its just full of rubbish and makes genuine readers think its a rubbish site.

  14. Dear Sara,
    You are one of the VERY few people I listen to online. I always save your emails. I haven’t joined your programs yet because I had no money until now.

    You set the highest example of giving to others. For this reason I know you will be a HUGE success. You deserve it.

    So happy to hear of your new son. I wish you and your family many blessings in this life.


  15. Hello Sara

    Congratulations on your baby.This is an excellent post.
    Thank you. The way you explain thing is the sign of a great
    Again thank you


  16. Hi Sara!

    I have around 30 sites and none of them were making me ANY money until I decided to take the 2 best ranked sites in Google and work them. Since I have done that, I have gotten a few sales! So, I feel I’m right on the cusp of FINALLY making some money! Thus, I think your post is right on the money!! LOL

    Congrats on your new son! My days of bearing children are over, but I do have a new granddaughter! Well, she is a year old! And let me tell you, the time just flies by, so ENJOY your son while he is a baby because he won’t be in that baby stage for long!


  17. Congrats on your new addition.

    I like your style, plain , to the point.

    Trouble is I wouldn’t know how to implement any of it even if I did have a website – (cynical lol)

    Let’s hope the $ and the £ survive all this manipulations and greed.

  18. Sarah thanks for sharing that!! I think focusing is the hardest part for me and I needed to read this! Congratulations on your new baby boy!!!

  19. Congratulations on your new baby Sara. You are a shinning example for ALL mentors to strive toward. As always, a great article that informs, enlightens and educates. Thanks my friend.

  20. Thanks Sara, helpful as useful. I do give in to monkey mind behavior too often – and don’t follow through. I have vowed to change that, developing a $1000 site would significantly change my life for the better.

  21. Thanks for the info Sara, I am so glad that there are people like you who take time out of their busy lives to help others. The information you share is very valuable and I am very grateful to be learning from you. At times it is very challenging to stay focused but know that it is the only way to get to place where I can achieve my financial goals.

  22. Sara, I have to admit that I don’t know on how to make money from any on-line money making programme. I have zero experience on that matter. I wish to learn to earn it in a right way. Could you be a guide to make me earn that $1000 per month step by step? Thanking you in advance for your time, energy and space allocated for us who need them. GOD BLESS YOU.

  23. Congratulations to you and your family with your new addition!

    Do you know when Insiders Profit Club will be opening again?

    Thank you for all of your guidance!

  24. I bought your course EzinePaycheckFormula and I really like how you teach. English is not my mother toungue, but you speak very clear and your course is easy to understand even for me.

    As it’s not easy for me to write articles, I would appreciate to learn tips from you on how to make money on internet even for people who don’t write easily.

    Can your coaching help on that way?

  25. Hi Sara,
    Congrats on your new baby. You’re a marvellous lady, caring for your children and working to support your family.

    I’m learning from your easypaycheck formula and the above site is the result of what I’ve learned from you. Unfortunately I haven’t got any sales at all.

    I’m a grandmother of a young boy and a younger girl. I would love to make some money online to show them that grandma can still make some pocket money to buy something nice.

    You’re a great teacher and you make things easy to understand by not assuming that we know things. However in the last few lessons, you were going a tad too quickly and I had to stop the video over and over again to catch what you were saying. So perhaps if you could slow down a little especially when you are pointing to something in the browser. It’s quite hard to read the small print and to listen at the same time when you’re speaking very fast.

    Thanks very much, Sara.


  26. Sara Hi

    I would like to remined you to send me the programm ” … paycheck formula”.

    I want to join this programm
    Waiting for your reply asap


  27. Hi, Sarah!
    Congratulations on the baby! So far I have only made $108.00 on my blog using adsense.
    anything else i should do besides adsense? I tried amazon, but I never made any dime. I don't know what im doing wrong. help!


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