How to Harness The Energy of Your Pain And Turn It Into Success


Pain -> Energy -> Action -> Growth

I’ve just finished teaching 500 new students how to earn an income with affiliate marketing, and my experience re-confirmed what I’ve known for a long time:

Your chances of success will be determined by how you handle fear, pain, and discomfort.

Almost nobody in the online marketing community is talking about this.

All you hear about is the benefits: the financial freedom, the ability to choose your own lifestyle, and everything else that comes with owning a successful business.

But what about the dark side?

The pain. The failures. The rejections. The losses.

These can literally build you up… or break you.

And even though it’s not discussed, we all expect to feel that pain.

And deep down we’re afraid of it.

That’s why so many people don’t get started.

Or they get started and quit as soon as they encounter their first obstacle.

So I made you a video that shows you step-by-step how to take that inevitable pain and turn it into unstoppable energy… that will end up bringing you huge rewards.

It’s what I’ve used to get my family out of debt and build a 7-figure business.

And it’s what you can use any time you go through something painful… to change your life, and become a better, more successful person:

So what do you think?

Do you agree that pain is just a signal?

What kind of pain have YOU experienced in the past when growing your business? And how did YOU get over it?

I’d love to get YOUR opinion.

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24 thoughts on “How to Harness The Energy of Your Pain And Turn It Into Success”

  1. Hi Sara,
    Thank you for this insightful, inspiring and personal video.
    Everything you said makes such sense, yet you are correct in
    emphasizing how challenging those steps can be.

    I especially appreciate that you brought up the trust factor
    when it comes to finding that coach or mentor to help us
    implement our goals.

    Online there is so much hype and indeed out right lies that
    the pain of failure is compounded by being stolen from and scammed
    both of your precious time and money.

    So, thank you for adding that we must be careful even in our pain
    to do our due diligence.

    Thanks once again for this “different” video! I liked and enjoyed it.

    • Agreed. You have to be careful even in your pain.

      An interesting thought: it’s not only your time and money that gets stolen, but also your self-confidence (and that’s even worse, because people who have had their self-confidence destroyed are less likely to succeed in the future).

  2. Sara, I have a dear friend who often reminds me that “pain is our friend”. The first several times I heard him say that I thought he was just spouting some motivational speaker’s pep talk. Over the years I’ve come to recognize more fully exactly what he means. Pain is our friend. It gives us important messages. We need to listen carefully to what our pain is trying to tell us. Don’t dismiss it. It can be life saving.

  3. Sara, thanks for the motivational video! I’m definitely struggling with pain and failure right now in the financial area of my life. But I think I’m on the right track now and am trying not to let the pain own me. I mainly have to stop doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. It’s not going to happen. I have to change my thinking and turn the pain and failure into energy and growth. Thanks again and I look forward to more of these videos!

  4. Sara, Firstly I have to be honest if you don’t mind.

    I’m not a regular follower of yours simply for the fact that my inbox is STUFFED FULL daily from other I’Mers and I’ve only been on a webinar or 2 and read a couple of your emails in the past.. maybe year or 2.

    Also, I’m far from a newbie, it’s “painful” to admit, but I’ve been slogging along at this IM stuff since before Google existed. Actually back in the day the big search was Excite and Yahoo.. this should give you and everyone else and idea how long ago it was I started selling stuff online was.

    I’ve experienced success.. actually the first things I tried did ok.. I actually got checks in the mail.. then I took checks online. I’ve sold products, info products… created PLR and sold PLR to some of the biggest gurus back in the day before PLR was everywhere. I’ve rubbed elbows and hung out with some of the BIGGEST players in IM!

    I said all that to say this… Not Only Did I NEED This.. This ABSOLUTELY Should Be One Of The FIRST Videos In EVERY Course Or Product You CREATE!!!

    Not only does this make total sense in business but IN LIFE. You nail on the head in 10 minutes what a few of the big players in self help would have, and do, take hours to deliver. Completely AWESOME.

    This PAIN and specifically NOT DEALING WITH IT or even allowing myself to get through it and move on has held me back my ENTIRE LIFE.

    Let me apologize for this being so long.. I can get long winded but combined with your fantastic video, and hopefully my response, this possibly can help a lot of people.

    Everything in life whether it be in business or personal comes down to the “inner game”.

    Although I’ve know this and realized this a great many years ago.. I’ve continued to struggle over and over with the inner game.

    Unfortunately my struggle goes even deeper than most people because I finally discovered, after a great many years of depression and lack of self worth, that I have a mental illness.

    Finally after all these years, I am now 50 years old, I have part of the answer as to why I’ve struggled and failed so much and WHY I CAN’T TAKE THE PAIN.

    My response is already way longer than I planned. The only thing I’ll say is that my particular mental illness, sadly, is not one that can be helped by medication. What I have is diagnosed and fit into the category of a “personality disorder”.

    I’ve NEVER handled pain and or rejection well in my life since I was a child. The smallest comment or things from others at times would, and still do, can crush me. The pain at times and still can be so intense I withdraw myself to where I can not function on many different levels.

    I did not come here to tell my life story.. but to SHARE just how much this simple 10 minute video can be to helping others, in all walks of life, to get through some hard times.

    The avoidance of the very “PAIN” you talk about has been the skeleton in the closet for the most part that has kept me from achieving the success I should have long ago experienced.

    Listen, I’ve had my share of success. I’ve made money from adsense, tangible products, info products, affiliate programs… but my inner game and struggle has killed so many times my productivity.

    My final thoughts.

    If you’re someone who struggles at any level or degree, and trust me at some point you will, bookmark, save in your youtube channel, this video Sara created and watch it.

    I’m going to go all out and say.. if you REALLY STRUGGLE with pain and the fear of failure.. WATCH THIS VIDEO EVERYDAY before you start your day.

    Sara bless you and thank you so much for going deep and creating and sharing this video!!

    • Brian, I just don’t know what to say.

      I’m touched.

      Thanks so much for sharing your experience, and I’m so glad you found this video helpful. It came straight from the heart…

  5. hello sara, Thank you for sharing of experience and the knowledge of yours to others.i am happy to meet someone like you and more grace to your elbows.

  6. still waiting, such a failure. No mentor that does not want hundreds of $$, if i had it i wouldn’t be such a fail.

  7. Thank you so much Sara for this extremely POWERFUL video!

    I’m going through a major crisis.

    I recently started a very uncomfortable 9-5 job that I only accepted because I have failed with affiliate marketing and I need to pay my bills and eat.

    I absolutely LOVE affiliate marketing and internet marketing but I can’t make a dime.

    It would be a dream come true to make $100 a day in affiliate marketing so I can quit this new job because I’m in so much pain due to the nature of this job.

    I’m praying to be rescued please.

    If I can make only $100 a day from home, I can pay all my bills, be extremely happy but most important….be FREE!

    I don’t want to go to this job tomorrow but what I can do to live the next day? I need to eat and pay my bills.

    I’m in pain…so much pain.

    Someone please rescue me from this life.

    All I want is to achieve like you Sara and smile again.

    • Keep the job, Tony. And at the same time spend an hour or two each day building your business on the side. If you do things right, eventually you’ll be able to quit the job.

      If you sign up to my list on the homepage of this blog, you will get access to a Q&A session I did for my subscribers about what you can do to earn an income online. Watch that session because it will open your eyes to what you can do now to start moving in that direction.

      At the end of the day, only you can rescue yourself 🙂

  8. WoW, My first thoughts are , Way to go Brian. That was a great share. I have also been doing this I M thing for a few years. I have had some success, but nothing, like I know is out there.

    I met Sara a few weeks ago and I have to tell you. Sara, you have been the most refreshing and True to life person that I have come across in my attempt at making a solid living online.

    I am truly regretting the fact that I had to Back out of your latest training because of real life issues, and the money factor. I apologize for that, I am missing the weekly input.

    Now, Back to the reason for this reply. When I was in the service, I lost alot of really good friends. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger Right?? wink / wink

    I honestly believe Pain is your friend, It lets you know you aren’t dead yet.

    I also believe that with people like Sara Young in the world, we can actually make the world a better place and that we can actually push through all of the issues and obstacles that bring us to our knees on our journeys thru life.

    I just want to say, Thank You Sara. You make me feel like anything is possible. After listening to you and watching the videos you have posted, I know that I am going to do okay with this I M adventure.

    Thank you for that. I was beginning to feel a little hopeless and like I was wasting my time. I don’t feel like that anymore 🙂

    Again, from the bottom of my heart, Thank You Sara

  9. Yes, Sara,
    I know many of us have experienced like, situations.
    I’ve borrowed so much of my own money from my 401k that the “controllers” over “my” money said I cant borrow any more, all I can do is to keep putting it in there. Wow!
    I’ve tried so many business’s programs etc. without making a dime.
    I know that I am a one on one learner, however it is expensive to pay 2-6,000 for personal help. My websites, and technical problems are my constant battle.
    Right now I have a program I bought and am having problems knowing what and how to download it so I can use the store.
    My never ceasing goal is to make my annual income into my monthly income.
    Are you still selling the program for “strange niches” under
    Ill never give up till I reach my goals and then Ill create new ones.


    • My advice to you is to focus on one thing: one program that gives you plenty of support in case you need help. Then stick to it until it works for you.

      (Sorry, Constant Profits Club is closed.)

  10. Excellent post Sara. Glad to see you talking about this topic. Most marketers do not discuss the mental side of building an online business at all. It has been great getting to know you through CPC and I look forward to continuing to follow you.

  11. Hi Sara
    That was very refreshing to hear from you re pain. I did join you a few years ago and I thought you were great with your teaching, but I still didn’t make it, due to personal circumstances, however, I have spent so much time and money, to no success. I tried really hard but I found, all the so-called Gurus with the very SHINY products that they were promoting, that I admittedly I got sucked into, were basically telling you why you should do it, when you should do it but never HOW, it was always left up to you to outsource everything.

    Therefore, I have a very cynical view on IM MARKETERS, especially ones that talk about making $100,000 a day etc etc and I question if they are making those huge amounts per day, why do they charge exorbitant amounts for training??
    In saying all that I dont put you in that category, I found you were fantastic with your knowledge and support and prompt replies.
    Thank you and maybe, just maybe I will re enter that world again.
    I read every email I get from you with extreme interest and enjoyment
    Thank you

    • This is a reply to Margo.

      Hi Margo,

      My name is Eddy and I work with Sara and help with her support.

      I just want to point out that as with ANY trade or industry there are good and bad people. Whether that be in the building trade, health industry or any on or off-line business.

      I can tell you for a fact though that Sara is the real deal and she really puts her heart and soul into each product she creates.

      I’ve seen (and been a part of) the sheer hard work that she puts into her training courses so in Sara’s case at least…the amount she charges is tiny compared to the value she gives back.

      I was sorry to hear about your IM journey but all I can do is encourage you to keep trying and if you really want this to happen…it will do.

      You’re in good hands with Sara so that’s half the battle won.

      Good luck 🙂

  12. Thanks Eddy,
    I agree totally, Sara was one of the IM’s who sounded so genuine and was very supportive in teaching you. AGREE AGREE AGREE with everything you said

  13. Sarah,

    Absolutely great article and video and so very true. Online business is obviously better than trad brick and mortar because of the lower start up costs, overheads etc. etc. but that does not mean people are not subject to the exact same problems, fears and pain and struggles that come with brick and mortar businesses.

    On top of all that you have the fact that for most people when trying the online route you tend to be doing it on your own and you are facing a lot of those problems yourself, head on. Whereas with brick and mortar you usually have more people around you that know and understand what you are trying to do. Also the results can be more tangible initially. I.e. you develop a web site and all you have is a web site online that needs traffic. Unless you really appreciate the achievement alone that is and unless you fully understand what you need to do next it can be hard to realise that you have a real tangible asset (even if you understand what you need to do next you can still feel that way)

    Whereas with a brick and mortar, you can see your shop/store etc etc and things feel a little more tangible or real. Online marketing, once you get through all that can clearly be more rewarding but as you say its working through the pain and the hard part first and not quitting before the magic starts happening!!

    Sadly not many marketers warn you of this. They tell you its all rainbows and fluffy clouds but you Sara are completelty different, as you are a woman of great integrity. I can vouch for that having been in your recent program.

    I have yet to get to the stage where I can say I am a success yet but I am getting there and I know that by following your plan and advice I will. Thank you for everything and for this great post also!!!!!

  14. Well done Sara, again. You are a most impressive person, your depth, wisdom and honesty is so refreshing. I have also learnt through many painful situations that any time I am feeling pain, it is mine, not something being done to me. It has been very useful and effective to step back, go with and let the pain speak to me or pass, before I respond or re-act to external matters.

    It is always a revelation, and has saved me many times from re-acting in an inflammatory way.


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