Mindset Principles for Success


One thing I’ve learned while trying different things online, is that having the proper mindset is really important.

Without the proper mindset, it becomes very difficult to earn a living and create your own business.

I’ve recently sent my subscribers a free report called Mindset for Online Success.

In the 17-page report I outline 6 principles I believe are crucial for online success.  Here’s a quick summary of what I wrote:

Principle #1: Feel the fear and do it anyway

– We all have a fear of failure and a fear of stepping outside our comfort zone.  Successful people learn how to deal with the fear and do what needs to be done anyway.

Principle #2: Work around obstacles and be quick to adapt to change

– We also all have obstacles that make it harder for us to be successful.  No matter what obstacles come along, we need to deal with them and not let them stop us.

Principle #3: Use a proven method

– It’s important to start your online endeavors with something that has worked in the past and that you can replicate.  Why risk trying something new when something proven is much more likely to work?

Principle #4: Ask for help

– Don’t be shy to ask for help.  There are ways to get help from very successful people.  Utilize the resources that are out there for your success.

Principle #5: Enjoy what you do

– You can’t enjoy everything you need to do, but try to structure your business in a way that will allow you to enjoy most of what you do.

Principle #6: Set Goals

– Goals will bring you clarity and a sense of direction.  You need goals that you can act upon in order to keep yourself focused on your path to online success.


I’d love to know what your experience has been.

How do you handle fear?

How do you set goals?

What do you do when you find obstacles in your way?

If you’ve read the report and found something in it to be particularly helpful, please let me know as well.

And if there is something you’d like me to expand on, please let me know and I might discuss it in future posts on this blog.

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48 thoughts on “Mindset Principles for Success”

  1. I think asking for help is my biggest obstacle. I’m part of a very small mastermind group and I feel comfortable asking these friends for help, but our knowledge base is limited. Joining a larger forum is easy, but putting myself “out there” and asking for advice from people I don’t know well is hard. Obviously I need to apply your advice in your principle #1 and overcome my fears in order to accomplish your advice in principle #4.

    Thanks so much, Sara, for your words of experience and wisdom.

  2. Thanks Sara for the great report. I, unfortunately fall into all examples. Too much fear of failure has stopped me so many times. Funny I should get this report today. I am snowed in and probably won’t get to work for several days. No work No paycheck. Whole state in state of emergency. Maybe this is my wake up call. I NEED another way to make money.

    I have spent so much time reading my emails, buying systems that promise quick results. I have unsubscribed to all their lists and put all the products I have purchased away. I will now concentrate on your program only. Thanks for being here for all of us.

  3. Life certainly has ways of getting in the way of what I want to achieve online. If I don’t inundate myself with goals and reasons why I’m doing what I’m doing then I can stray very easily. But then it’s very easy for me to get back on course by reading reports like Sara just put out. I’m no role model by any means but I sometimes just sit and meditate to get myself back online within myself to carve out my future.

  4. Thank you so much Sara. As I read this report it seemed like my life. I always seem to start things, but end up not finishing them or not following through because I get afraid. Then I tell myself I have a baby and I can’t do this with him. I am gonna keep this report handy so I can read it daily. Thank you so much. I truly believe that you want to help others do well online.

  5. This is a great report SARA”I like what you are saying but it still comes down to the same thing for some of us that is still trying to get started,which is the aid to get the help get a site up and runing + the aid to promonte the site when you get up.I have beening surfing the net for the last year now and I get about 145-200 emails a day.I thank I have a few friends on the net untill I ask them to help me to get started with something then I do not here from them again for along time.they send me emails with thier products and ebooks to buy from them,but when they hear you don,t have the aid to buy then they are gone to someone else.they don,t want to help you any,I know I have been doing this for a year now.I do wish you all the best.

  6. Hello Sara

    Many thanks for this excellent article on mindset. I found the content helpful and relevant.
    You present information in such a concise and clear manner it is a pleasure to read.

    I attended, and enjoyed the webinar last week and will purchase E.P.F as soon as I get solvent.That is a procrastination of necessity for a few weeks!
    I am looking forward to learning more.

    I have also found the Warrior Forum an excellent place to learn, and never purchase products without first watching the experienced peeps
    reviewing that product.

  7. Thank you Sarah, I was pleasantly surprised to read your report, But because of all my time wasting emails, I was hesitant to click and read, glad I did.

    You have given me some goals to work toward, thank you so much,Kathy

  8. Hi Sarah!
    First of all I want to thank you for the great report! 🙂
    I am now trying to work on the internet for 6 months…and I still didn’t see any income…and that’s because I fail…agian and again and again.
    Just like you said in the report, I bought so many courses that I jump from course to course without doing anyhing from the courses.
    And then I find myself peralized. And I don’t work!
    But now, I am doing your course! and I am going to stick with it till I will have a good income from amazon. 🙂
    Your course is one of the BEST courses I bought. (it is the BEST!!!!)
    I will try to answer your questions:

    How do you handle fear?
    I am not so good at it as you can see. I let the fear make me fail.

    How do you set goals?
    The truth is that till now I didn’t set goals! I just thought about them…but I didn’t really write them down.

    What do you do when you find obstacles in your way?
    I fall.
    But then I try to walk again.

    If you’ve found something in this report particularly helpful.
    I found that the goal setting is great! I really loved the way you set your goals! I think that will really improve my online business!

    Thank you so much!!!!
    Hope you have a nice day!

  9. Thank you Sarah. Everything in the report was helpful, I really liked the goals part. I have tried different courses & products in the past, some didn’t work & I would get no help from the people I bought them from, other ones I just put aside & never finished them. I am not doing anything else this time until I finish this and am making money.

  10. Brilliant report Sara. I am not afraid to fail, my problem is consistency and to be able to resist shiny things. It is very interesting that you didn’t start the report with Goals and Goal setting. I think the order of your report is brilliant, thoughtful, concise and I will definitely follow your advice. Thanks for adding value

  11. Hi Sara,

    Every word you write in this report is correct.

    You are an engineer but you are a teacher too. You can explain everything flawlessly. In this report you make the point precisely and it will definitely help whoever reads it.

    Thank you Sara.

  12. Sara, Thank you for the free mindset report. Reading it has given me some new ideas as to how to proceed with my online business. I especially liked the fun theory and am thinking of ways to use it to get people interested in my business. Setting actionable goals is a big one for me. Thanks again

  13. Hi, Sara

    First off, I’d like to inform you that I’ve already made sales using EPF. This proves to me that this product does work and that you are a trustworthy internet marketer. I’m very lucky to have found out about your product and will endorse it.

    Second, thank you so much for free mindset gift you gave your subscribers. It’s very helpful to me and very motivating. I especially liked the info their about getting around obstacles. I’ve already watched Prof.Pausch’s video in youtube before reading your mindset report and it’s great that I got reminded by Prof.Pausch’s video and the lessons and inspiration I got from it.

    In regard to procrastination, what sometimes work for me is the “5-minute Plan.” It’w where you commit yourself to working on something for only 5 minutes. After 5 minutes I’ll decide if I like to continue with what I’m doing for another 5 minutes or stop it. Usually I end up finishing my work when I implement this strategy.

    This may be off-topic buy I’d like to give some suggestions regarding EPF:

    1. I think EPF subscribers need more help in creating articles. We need some sort of system and templates that will help subscribers write articles faster. The sooner we can write articles, the sooner we earn money and the sooner we can afford subscribing to the “Steroids” program.

    2. Also one thing that could be helpful is giving subscribers some idea about products that could will sell well at a particular period. It doesn’t have to be specific. Maybe you could say that health products sell well at the start of the year or something similar. This will enable us subscribers also to earn money sooner and be able to afford the “steroids” program sooner.

    Thanks again Sara and please take note of my suggestions!

  14. Sara,

    I’ve just started to earn money online with physical products and just had my second check from Amazon, which is great but, I was having one of those days where my confidence is at rock bottom so your report was very timely. Thank you.

    I must have read a hundred self help books over the years but can I recommend http://www.simpleology.com. It’s an incredibly practical (and FREE) tool that really pulls together your own goals and aspirations into a daily to do list and it’s helped me more than anything else.

    Obviously this isn’t an affiliate link.

    Thanks again.

  15. Sara thank you for all your help and guidance. I am oone of your students and I appreciate all of your efforts and support. I am not entirely new to on-line marketing but am just having some obsticles in getting going better. I have a store where I sell ebooks and have started one product site as your program taught. Seems my big stumbling block is getting articles written. I have much material, ideas but am slow yes perhaps too meticulouse in my writing. I am a single parent with special needs child and concur on your advice on how to dedicate blocks of time to work. Some days though are hard. Still you have six and did this -I am quite impressed. Anything that reaffirms the need to focus and move forward is great advice for me.

    Thanks again.

  16. Sara,
    Thanks again for your supportive insights and great motivation. I also find my time being eaten up by “valueless” activities and although I wake up every morning focused on getting things done, I don’t seem to get the most important things done. It’s a combination of procrastination and start up time. The longer between working on the steps you outline, the more time it takes for me to get back to where I left off and therefore the harder it is to get going. This morning, the first thing I did was focus on my next steps in your EPF program, found I had some success, and was immediately motivated to continue. Reading this article Mindset Principals for Success has added energy to my process.

    As a nubie, I always find something that I don’t readily understand, so it takes the time to research them. This is a good thing because I am learning something new. But I am also slowing down my daily progress. I’m sure this will get easier.

    Thanks again.

  17. Sara,
    Your mindset principles report is probably the best I have seen. Coupled with your Easy Paycheck Formula it is undoubtedly a sure way for people to get moving and make some returns in online affiliate marketing.

  18. Thank you Sara for this wonderful pep talk. I probably am guilty of succumbing to all the traps that you present.

    By nature and education, I have always felt that there is the “one” true solution–I just have to find it. So, I would jump from book to book, article to article, idea to idea until I ran out of energy. Psychologists may call it ADHD, but always think I’m just looking for the BEST way!

  19. You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be really something which I think I would never understand. It seems too complex and very broad for me. I’m looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of it!

  20. Hi Sara

    Thank you for sending me the report. I feel that no matter how many times I hear the same advice it serves as a reminder. Thanks for the reminder.

    I have experienced all of the above, sometimes I resort to old habits and I get stuck somewhere or get distracted. However, I’m so determined to be successful on line that it serves as a driving force that helps me overcome and move on.

    It has been very helpful to me to set a goal that includes an amount and a dateline so I have a target that keeps on challenging me.

    My worst enemy is being exposed to all the “make money on the net” programs. Each one of them promises to be the best formula to make money on the net since sliced bread. That’s my biggest challenge to ignore all that noise and focus.

  21. Sara,

    Thank you so much for this report. I find procrastination to be my main enemy. It is a time stealer. I am trying to improve on that dedicating my first half hour of the day in front of the computer doing something that will help me make money.

    I also have a little relaxation exercise that I came up with that I do. I truly believe that faith is the opposite of fear so I inhale and exhale like this:

    Inhale deeply and think the word faith whatever that means to you. Faith in your abilities and capabilities, a higher power being in control of helping you; etc.

    Exhale, pushing out all fears you may have. Fear of failure in not being able to succeed, fear of being able to earn the money you need to get by; etc. Whatever you’re afraid of just push it out when you exhale.

    I find if I do this about 6 times whenever I’m feeling antsy it helps a great deal.

    Thank you!


  22. Hey Sara,

    Thanks for the awesome report.

    Thanks for sharing this info. on “mindset”, most marketers never talk about it. However I think it’s one of the most important things you need to learn or have to be successful.

    I believe if everyone was taught how to have the right mindset in business and life, there would be a lot more success stories and a lot less failures. Having the right mindset is the foundation for you to stand on before you
    set out to do anything in business and life period.

    Thanks again Sara,


  23. Hola Sara! Thank you very, very much for the report. I already knew about the 6 principles, but from very different sources… It is always nice to refresh those concepts once in a while, because when one doesn’t, one starts to succumb into fear again and starts procastinating, stops setting goals, stops enjoying, starts thinking that those relatives that tell you are a “daydreaming loser” because you want to make a living online ARE RIGHT… one needs to reinforce those principles in mind frequently in order to… well, survive in the world of IM!

    I would like to expand on the “Feel the fear and do it anyway” principle: There are certain cases, like mine, where it is not actually fear what stops us from working on what’s really important, but the pleasure that the distractions of the Internet can provide. Just log in (or don’t) into youtube, facebook, deviantart, newgrounds, tv-tropes, your favorite MMO or videogame, you name it… and bam! Instant gratification, entertainment and free mind-numbing! It’s almost like a drug…

    I believe that I’m not the only one with that issue, and I think some folks might find it very helpful to be made aware of it some way or another… like the report you sent us!

    Sara… I’m really curious: when you first started in the world of IM, and even nowdays, do you get distracted by entertainment-Internet distractions while you are working? If so, how do you personally deal with it those?

    Thanks for reading my comment! 😀

  24. Hi Sara,

    I am a late bloomer, bought Easy Paycheck Formula in late December and still working on the first step. But more serious than you might think. Full time teacher and single mother of two boys. I do have six articles out on ezinearticles.com and enjoy it immensely.
    Your email today (this report) has been very inspiring to me. Though I seem to be progressing very slowly, I am fiercely determined. Your report helps in the subtle areas where inspiration springs from. I am sure that I will construct a way to move faster also after reading it.
    Always happy to have come across your gift.

    Thank you,


  25. Hi Sara,

    I don’t know how I missed this, but I’ve only just found it in my inbox!

    What a great, motivational report – thank you for writing and sharing it with us.

    Take care,


  26. What a brilliant report Sara. Thank you for sharing it with us. I've particular loved the last part about setting the goals. I've always wondered when I read about that everyone has to set goals for achieving something how do you do that. And what a great system you created for setting the goals to become successful with examples. I've never known that this is how you do weekly/monthly goals of achieving whatever income we want. From now on I will use it all the time. I'm glad I've read your Mindset Report.
    I've been using those principles for many years ever since I've started doing MLM. I've achieved almost nothing in it but I've learnt a lot about mindset. 
    Thank you for crossing my life.
    I'm not successful in IM yet but I will be.
    Great stuff.

  27. Reading this report has really helped me! At first when I saw how long it was I hesitated because there are already too many things delaying me.
    In the report you gave some examples of things we use to delay facing the fear such as checking email, face-book etc.
    I am so green at I.M, I often find that before jumping in for the day I want to comfort myself with the already known and mastered world of email and face-book. But I have sometimes even seen my whole allotted time vanish thereby. This was already on my mind before reading the report, so when I read it in black and white here it was a great confirmation to me. Thank you. I know that is a simple, no-brainer, but one that can effectively cause success to just never quite come.
    Another obstacle I have come across as a Mac user is that necessary programs like TrafficTravis are not always Mac friendly. My time for one day will go just finding that out and getting discouraged. I need to learn not to tarry in feeling overwhelmed. There is always a work around or substitute and it's important to keep moving forward. I like the example of riding a bicycle, as long as you are moving forward you won't fall over, and the faster you go the more steady you become.
    The whole report was valuable. Thank you.

  28. Thanks, Sara, for this beautiful gift. You put the finger on the spot(s). What I appreciate so much of you is that your advice does never hurt for long, it encourages and inspires.
    My #1 goal is to stick with one method. Deadline: NOW.

    To add to what you say about fear, yes it is best to feel and embrace it as part of “what we were”. Rejecting fear would mean rejecting part of ourselves – and that is certainly not helpful.
    I also love the Acronym F(alse) E(vidence) A(ppearing) R(eal).
    Let’s conclude: Past Failure is no guarantuee for Future Failure :-))

  29. Thanks Sara, I just started getting emails from you. I really enjoy what you have to share. I have been trying to make money online for 1 year now, after taking an expensive workshop. Have been jumping around like you stated. Not anymore. Going to purchase your course next month. Hope it helps. I’ve gotten a lot out of your videos. Sound very honest and simple to understand. Look forward to working with you. Thanks again for the report.

  30. I already posted but your first rule is so important and had held me back for a long time. There are so many people out there selling stuff that it’s hard to know what to invest in. I now feel that I have a purpose-to make this work.

  31. Thnx Sara, for this post! I purchased this over a year ago & have been somewhat ill for that time. (Viet Nam era related) You really have to have a mindset when you think about the next lifetime. All is well atm & I’ve just returned for your course. I had to retire in 2008 (SS only after being in medical, Nephrology nurse, for twenty years) & really excited about this and totally have the desire to have FUN and excel. Your words are correct…. just reinforced my own thoughts. Thnx again & glad to be back1 🙂 🙂

  32. I am guilty of all of these, mostly the fear. It’s hard to keep a positive attitude. Each time I start to learn something new and confusing, I hear my mind already telling me I can’t do it. I find that when I leave the computer, I need to write down what to do next time I sit down there. It helps me keep on track. Also, I like to take breaks. I feel that I come back refreshed and out of the rut I get into. Thanks for a wonderful article. You are always so inspiring.

  33. Determining what I enjoy has been such a block for me because I seem to be good at several things. I am currently working on slashing my list to the top three then I can shoot from there and blog like crazy using the Easy Paycheck Formula. I figure that should work far better, I am a stay at home dad with three kids who leave home every morning! So, no excuses for me.

    Thanks for the report.

  34. I don’t think it’s possible to have too many articles and reports on mindset. They all have basically the same advice, but they all back it up with the author’s unique experience. I’m obviously not a working mother. I never had children at all. But I can relate to the striving, the record of failing and trying again. Sara, you have provided details not only from your life experience, but from your reading and study. I am a librarian, so I especially appreciate the resource list that has more than links to your own products and sites. I think you need a copy editor, though. There are avoidable typos and wrong words. The long quotations should be indented for easy identification. I lost track of whether I was still reading your reply to Jaxpot or not. Some simple editing would fix little problems in readability. But on the whole, wonderful job!

  35. I finished your report this morning in a quick read through and found my mindset wrong in 2 of the areas right now.
    The fear of failure and the fear of stepping outside of my comfort zone are the 2 that I have to deal with every day.
    Thank you for for this report that is a true encouragement and helps me see that I am not the only one who feels this way.

  36. Hi Sara
    Thanks for this report, it is very interested. and full of useful tips. Due to bad health I had to leave my job about 5 years ago. As feel bit better now I wanted to start online business as don’t want to look for another job, two months ago I start a kick-start course which I am trying to set now as you have to pay for few of the things I am following it slowly as money is very short as my partner is not very helpful in support. I am bit stick at setting the website which they said is to put on click bank. I am hoping it will all be set within week or so. I have also bought you new course which I have found very interested, as it gives advise on having free website. As soon as I have set my other website I am going to follow your course. I will keep you posted when I start using your course.

  37. Hi Sara,

    I’ve come across your Mindset Rules Report ideas time and time again. It was nice to have the reminder and you put it into perspective with your own refreshing thoughts. Thanks for that.

    I’m not entirely sure that I would endorse Warrior Forum as a go to place for people who are starting out. I rue the day I ever heard of Warrior Forum. I spent so much money on stupid unworkable courses. Also many of the IMers are only interested in flogging one product after another without any real accountability. It has taken me the best part of 2 ½ years to wise up to this. Now like many others I’ve unsubscribed to a vast majority of them. I feel a whole lot more content and relaxed and don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. I am trying to still to things that are relevant.

    I promised myself that I would not buy any more courses and especially not those to do with affiliate sales. So many people have failed in this area. Being an affiliate is also giving away your customer and working for the big boss. Also I’m curious to know why we are all jumping on board to sell Amazon stuff when it has its own huge website and the general public knows about it. So if your course doesn’t appear to do what you say it can do I will be asking for a refund.

    Sorry to be so harsh but there are too many IMers who are scractching one another’s backs and giving great preposterous reviews that there should be a law against it.

    • Hi Tania,

      Thanks for your comment, and thanks for joining EPF2. I certainly did not mean that you should hang out in the WSO section of the Warrior Forum (in fact I recommend you stay away 🙂 ), but I do recommend chekcing out the reviews section where real people talk about their experiences with products. It really does help. About EPF2 – I assure you that the method works. If you have any questions or concerns or just need help, contact me at the help desk!

  38. Hi Sara, Thanks for the report. The principles are very helpful because right from the start I am made aware that the right mindset for success must be there. Also, being focused has made me realise that I easily become distracted reading all the inbox postings. I think I should add that giving one’sall and not giving up no matter what can be helpful too. Thanks again.

  39. Dear Sara
    I am very grateful to have come across you in my life. I am a 52 years old man, currently very poor in material terms, angry, someone who has gone in tough times and you have been my savior. I live in Kabwe Town in Zambia Central. I was about to commit suicide! Yes commit suicide because I thought I could not make it in life. Being unemployed for a long time and a person living with HIV and AIDS with a family to look after; it hasn’t been easy at all. Like a dream someone I don’t know gave me a link to your site as I was checking my emails after a long time. It is amazing. My life has tremendously changed just by going through your web site and the testimonies. You have made me feel human again. I haven’t yet bought your great and wonderful system – Easy Paycheck Formula. This, I believe and I am convinced will definitely change my whole life. I highly get motivated all the time I receive your emails. Your site has tremendous HEALING POWERS. I always dream Sara, and think Sara Young. You are such a wonderful, God given person. I am struggling to raise the US$97 which to me is quite a lot of money. I am saving this amount. I believe and convinced that I will be able to purchase the Easy Paycheck Formula within two months. Please Sara, kindly reserve me a place and do not close. I need you and your help. I don’t own a computer but I will be using public internet café for a start. I believe I will succeed and I believe in you. Although I am living very far from you and I have never met you, I have made you my best sister in this world; in fact my best friend. May God bless you and your entire family. I pray to my Almighty God Father Jehovah that He preserve your family and your life; add more to you and give you more wisdom so you can change lives especially here in Africa.
    We are grateful and love you Sara
    And warm greetings from Kabwe, Zambia, Central Africa.
    Francis Sikana.

  40. It’s great.
    It’s not only a lesson in marketing but also for everyday life.
    I send it to my niece, for fortify her with your advices.
    Thanks for granted attention.

    With your permission I put it on my face book page.


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