To Those Who Are Still Struggling – There Is Hope!


When I was struggling to make it online, things were tough for us financially.

The one story I most clearly remember is wanting to give $5 to charity and not being able to get it together.

Every day I would look out my window and see this view:


Then I would say to myself:


Imagine how many trees are out there.

Imagine how many leaves are out there.

There is so much plenty in the world.

So much money to go around.

So much prosperity to be had.

I would tell myself that I too can have a share of that. Then I would resolve to do the one thing that was most likely to make me succeed.

The fastest path to cash. Even if it was hard.

And that’s what helped me get there.

Today I am so thankful that my financial struggles are a thing of the past. I see others still struggling and I’m hoping this post will inspire someone to go ahead and do the same.

Every day pick the one thing that will bring you closer to success. These days will add up. And you will get there.

Good luck!

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28 thoughts on “To Those Who Are Still Struggling – There Is Hope!”

  1. You’re right, Sara. With our eyes we can only see a certain distance and sometimes we forget there’s a huge world out there that is so much greater than our limitations.

    It’s the same with our minds. If we only see to the limits of our present situation, unable to see beyond where we’ve already been or are now, we think that’s all there is. We’re stuck in this little space.

    But if, say, you were looking out your window with the eyes of an eagle and could see every movement among all those trees, every little critter, every insect – wow! there’s HUGE potential there for a feast (if you were an eagle).

    Now, say we could look with Google’s eyes into the universe of internet marketing and could see every dollar among the billions of dollars trading hands online every day, we would be able to see the HUGE potential for the “feast”.

    Like you said, it takes the right mindset and the ability to see beyond our limitations but not get overwhelmed with the big picture either – the “it’s too big, it’s too far, I can’t get there from here, etc.”

    We just have to take it one step at a time and pretty soon we’re over there, on the other side of our limitations, on the outside of our “box”.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Hello Sara, thank you for your uplifting words. Right now i`m at the point where you have been. But i will never give up, i know there is a sweet spot out there for me, too.

    I have my favorite quote from Franz Kafka always in front of me: “Beyond a certain point there is no return. This point has to be reached.” This will be my everyday mantra until i`m there. Thank you again

    Much love from Germany

  3. Hello Sara
    This is a nice technique,everyday I do something similar with subliminal videos.All is in the mindset.Thanks for the advice.

  4. Hi Sara, Thank you so much for your advise, I am trying
    to work on my mindset. I am still struggling to make my first sale. By reading your story, I have made my mind up
    that I am going to keep on trying till I am successful.

  5. Love your metaphor, Sara. And the way a previous comment extends it to Google. And the Kafka quote. I make a point of doing at least one thing each day towards achieving my goals. It’s not always easy to identify ‘the one thing that is most likely to make me succeed. Thanks for helping me refocus on that.

    • I believe that focusing on that ‘one thing’ every day has been a huge factor in my success. So keep doing it!

  6. Wow Sara, you have a spectacular view. It reaffirms the endless possibilities of this world and our lives. We must remember to never give up! Thanks.

  7. Hi Sara,

    Thanks for the insightful reminder. I also have a similar view from my house and often look at the many trees with a similar thought, but mine deviates along the lines of ” so many trees, so many leaves! If only I could harvest them and turn it into income!” And that’s where I am stuck. Rooted to the ground.

    I am changing my mindset today and taking one step towards the abundance! I only need a little share, not the whole forest. 🙂
    Thanks again!

  8. Thanks Sara! I am learning from RI – which you suggested to join – wow – what a trip – and learning experience! I am very pleased with the course – I do find myself wanting to give up many times – but I keep pushing through – thanks for your support!

  9. Hi Sara

    Thanks for your inspirational post.

    Mindset is definitely the major factor in succeeding but I find it hard sometimes to keep a positive mindset; there are so many negatives surrounding us daily that it’s easy to get lost in them. Also it can depend a lot on where we are in our lives. When we were bringing up a family there was so much activity that there was little time for dwelling on negatives – it was onwards and upwards. Now on my own, even though I have many things to keep me busy, it’s very easy to lose focus and allow those worrying thoughts to overtake the positive. I spasmodically earn commissions from one of my websites so I have proved to myself that there is money to be made on the internet but building from there is extremely slow.

    I did in fact start 2014 with a prosperity mindset but lost it just 4 weeks ago when I had a heart attack. So your post Sara is extremely timely for me. It’s a strong reminder to get on with life and make the best of what I still have.

    Thanks again Sara, and best wishes to you for your continued success.

  10. ISara, congratulations on your success. I’m pleased that you can recall the days when you were broke. As I work towards success, I’m sometimes annoyed by some of the folks who are making huge incomes online. Too many have forgotten where they are coming from and choose to bad mouth others who are seeking their pot of gold. I find it rather hypocritical when they say things like “people are going after shiny objects”. Conformity seems to be the order of the day. These folks all seem to parrot the same terms. They forget that people seek what they believe will make them happy.
    I know that there is no shortage in the universe so my lack of money is only temporary. I will continue to strive towards my goal.

    • Normally when people say “don’t go after shiny objects” they mean stick to one plan and don’t skip from one thing to another. I’m glad that you plan to continue moving forward – it’s the only way to go!

  11. I just got to the library and your email was there, I thought let me file it under Sara for the time being and get back to it later. Instead I opened it and it was truly a revelation, it was for me and an encouragement to keep going. May Yaweh keep you and bless you

  12. Thank you Sara. A lot of times if you grew up poor it is possible to have poor thoughts. The negative attitudes of our parents about money could very well determine whether we succeed or fail. Thank you for taking the time to care and to encourage us. You are like our mother who is looking out for her children.

  13. Hi Sara, that is a great post. I see the world in the same way. There is so much out there to be had, it is just a question of the best way to get all that you want!

    I am just starting out in internet marketing and can see there are so many ways to earn money. I think the key is to find a way that suits you and that you have belief in and then stick to it, doing the required action for a good period of time so you can measure your results and then review your future plans and actions.

    I have just started my own blog and have written an article about taking action to get what you want in life. Check it out and let me know what you think 🙂


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