What to Buy Online – For Beginners


I recently referred my subscribers to a good product that I’ve used and has great success with.  And since I don’t recommend other products very often, I got a lot of questions from people, such as:

Should I buy this?

Is this for me?

Should I trust the person who is selling this?

Why are you recommending something that is in competition with your course?

So I’ve decided to publicly answer these questions on my blog.

Today I’m going to address just one specific topic – what to buy if you are new to internet marketing or not making money online.

Please feel free to comment below or ask questions, and we can take it from there in future blog posts.

So let’s start from the beginning and address a different question first:

Should you buy anything in the first place?  Do you have to do that to succeed?

So – I think the answer is no, you don’t have to buy an IM product to succeed,….

But it sure helps!

The fact is, you don’t HAVE to buy anything.  There is a lot of free information available in forums and other places online.  And you can learn a lot that way.

But buying a good course or coaching program has the potential to really accelerate your success.

As long as you buy the right thing, it can be a really wise investment.

So what are the options?

If you are new and not yet making money online, you need to have a system you can follow that will show you how to make money online.

That is the type of product you should buy: a course or coaching program that teaches a proven system you can replicate.

There are many such systems.  Here are some examples:

  • affiliate marketing of info products
  • affiliate marketing of physical products
  • drop shipping physical products
  • building websites and selling them
  • buying websites and selling them (flipping)
  • building websites and putting ads on them (adsense)
  • creating your own products (either info-products or software)
  • offering services such as article writing, link building, etc
  • offline marketing – helping businesses get online

These are all legitimate ways of making money online.  They are all proven and I personally know people making good money with all of them.

They all have their advantages and disadvantages and each is appropriate for different people at different times.

One does not exclude the other, and I know people who make money from more than one.  I do too.

And by the way, none of them are “dead” as others who are selling one specific type of system will lead you to believe.

Now, even within these methods, there are various ways to get things done.

For example, many of these methods require that you get traffic to your sites for them to be successful.

So there are different ways to get traffic, such as:

  • article marketing
  • SEO
  • video marketing
  • social media
  • blogging
  • and more

They are all valid ways to get traffic.  Some work better than others – depending on what you are trying to accomplish.

The point is – there are so many ways to make money online, and so many directions you can take.  And what you need to do is pick one way that you think is right for you.

There isn’t just one right way.

Different courses are right for different people at different times

Let’s compare affiliate marketing and having your own product.

These are the two that I spend most of my time on these days, so it’s easy for me to compare.

  • with affiliate marketing – (if done right) you can start making money right away even if you are a newbie
  • affiliate marketing requires little time
  • affiliate marketing requires little investment
  • there are none of the headaches associated with attending a help desk, communicating with customers.
  • you are not commited to anything, and can basically work whenever you want and as much as you want

Having your own product, though, is different.

It requires more work, and some investment (for me it was mostly spent on graphics and copywriting, but for others it could include programming as well).

You don’t see results right away because you have to set up your product and site before you make a cent, and you also risk not seeing results at all with your first product.

But – for many reasons – the profit potential for having your own product is much bigger than affiliate marketing.

And if you believe in your product and if it helps people – the satisfaction you get is also much bigger.

So 2 years ago – when I was home with 6 kids, one of them being a baby and home with me 24 hours a day – I had very little time.

The best I could do was work ½ hour to an hour at a time when the baby was sleeping and the other kids weren’t around.  Sometimes, in the evenings, I could work more.

At the time, the right thing for me to do was affiliate marketing for physical products.  With affiliate marketing I could work short chunks of time and still make money.  In ½ an hour I could write an article, create a webpage, research products and prices, or think of ways to improve a campaign.  I had no obligations to customers or anyone in particular, and could go weeks or even months without working, if I wanted to, and still make money.

When my youngest child started going out in the mornings, I had the morning to myself.  Now the time was right for me to have my own product.  I had something valuable to give over (my own affiliate marketing method), and I was able to commit more time, and didn’t mind having to log in every day and answer questions for help.  So now it was time to add another type of system to what I was doing.

Had I tried having my own product 2 years ago – I would have failed.

Had I stuck to doing only affiliate marketing this year – I would have made much less money.

So you need to pick for yourself the right system at the right time.

And that’s how to make your decision

When you come across a new course, coaching program, or training product, ask yourself if the system taught in this course is what you want to be doing right now.  And is it appropriate for your skill-set, and the time and money you have to invest.

In other words – is this the right thing for me right now?

If it is, you need to check a few more things before you buy.

Is it step-by-step and easy to follow?

Does it include everything you need to know from start to finish?

Is the person selling this someone you can trust?  Was he or she recommended by another trusted marketer or in reliable forums online?

Does it have a money-back guarantee?

If the answers to all these questions is yes – then get the course.

If not – don’t.  You will always be able to get it or something similar at a later time.

Here’s what to do when I recommend a course

If I recommend a course to you, you can rest assured that the product is good and the seller can be trusted.  But only you can decide if it is the right thing for you right now.

Ask yourself if this is something you want to be doing right now and get it only if it is right for you.

What do you think?

Did this post help you?  Do you have any questions about this?  Let me know in your comments below!

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52 thoughts on “What to Buy Online – For Beginners”

  1. Excellent post Sara, I have been on your list for a long time and know first hand that you don’t recommend just any new item out there,for those who have not gotten Saras course yet need to! No fluff and pure content!

    Thanks Sara!!!!

  2. As usual you have wisdom to impart, Sara. It takes time and patience to see results and when we are constantly bombarded with more marketing stuff from other people (also trying to make money), it can be very tempting to chase something else.

    My advice is: DON’T!

    Sure you need to educate yourself and part of that education involves spending time and money, but you must be careful or you can be too easily side-tracked, lose focus on the very method you are trying to perfect and find yourself confused, negative cashflow and way behind in your schedule.

    Better to rely on someone like Sara, who gives you a method that has been tried and tested.

    If you have genuinely mastered this method and have results which prove that you have followed the method faithfully, then it maybe time to adopt another strategy.

    Learning new methods can only improve your ability to adapt to changing conditions and maybe create another income stream, so I am not against learning.
    Indeed it is essential to keep learning if you are to survive in an ever changing online world.

    But, I hope you can see the difference between chasing after every latest product-launch and mastering a method, replicating it and getting runs on the board, and then learning another method.
    Remember! You can always bookmark things of interest that you can come back to later.

    • Yes, Rob. Exactly right. Actually, I’d like to write a post for more advanced people – on what to buy once you ARE making money. Maybe that will be my next topic….

  3. Exactly! I think many of us buy IM courses willy nilly, at first, hoping it will be our golden ticket. Many get burnt out and quit; they are the ones who say IM doesn’t work or it’s a scam.

    The rest of us who stick in are just trying to find what fits “us”. That’s why you hear of marketers saying something like “after 3 years of being online I finally started making a living” or something like that. It’s a matter of finding our groove and then staying with it long enough to make it work. Then buying useful tools and services are just part of making our job easier.

    I think we forget that this *is* a business. And like any other new business (a restaurant, PC repair, shoe store, espresso stand, etc), how much you can grow your business depends a lot on how much time and how much money you have to invest in your business to help it grow.

    Anyway, thanks for writing this. I hope those who read it who are on the brink of giving in will be encouraged to stay with it.

  4. Hello Sara,

    Yes, it can be tempting to buy more an more, especially if you’re a person who likes learning and reading a lot.

    There’s a very fine balance to this, though, and quite simply, I think that you should choose one business model, and then, if you do buy stuff, only buy products that will help you with that business model.

    So, yes, pick a business model and stick with it, but instead of avoiding other IM products altogether, simply avoid other business models, except for when you can learn something that applies to your chosen path.

  5. Kudos on such a sensible attitude!

    So many people are either plugging their own product, or telling others to buy nothing.
    Of course, running from one program to the next won’t help anyone, but neither will spending years researching online with no clear guidance.

    Buy one course, and stick at it until it makes you money, simples! As the meerkats say 🙂

  6. Dear Sara,

    You are a true teacher! I would like to model you when I get to complete your course. Though my progress is slow, your consistent encouraging messages keep us going!

  7. Thank Sarah for this great post. Really open my eye on what product to buy instead just going for shining one all the time.

    Wasted a lot of time and money buying here and there hoping somehow this will work.

    Good Job =)

  8. You really hit the nail on the head Sara!! I wish I had received your advise months ago – lol.

    I too have been guilty of buying course after course or software to do this or that and at the end of the day I just end up totally confused as to where to begin and worse – in the hole HUGE!

    I have decided to temporarily focus with the simplest easiest method (I believe to be your course) and put everything else on hold until I can at least master ONE thing!

    Many thanks for your insight

    p.s. Great advise from Rob too (I know all about getting side-tracked – and ultimately getting NOWHERE!!) Thanks for sharing your thoughts too.

  9. Sara,

    I think this is an excellent post. I have been ‘monitoring’ internet marketing opportunities for some time I have only recently started to get serious about it.

    With so many ‘experts’ and ‘special time sensitive’ offers out there the temptation to reach for your credit card is incredible.

    As you say, “You will always be able to get it or something similar at a later time.” The trick is to stay focused on your plan and don’t spend unless you are absolutely satisfied that the purchase will be of benefit to you now!

  10. Hi Sara,
    Your advice is excellent. I am a newbie to internet marketing and daily get offers to buy,join or follow different pathways to internet millions. Since I found your system I have decided to follow your plan to internet hundreds and leave the millions to the other guys.LOl

    • I’d like to commend what Ashok said: i.e that methods, approaches, and rules change; such as google’s algorithm. This can mean that had you bought someone’s product because you thought; “this is something I could use in the future”, only to find that by the time you wanted to use it, it was of little or no use.

      The other issues are, that they are an expense and a distraction that you don’t presently need. As well as consuming your time, diverting your focus and clogging up your ‘my documents’. Like having a desk piled high with folders of information you “may need to refer to”. All keeping you in the realm of overwhelm and confusion.

      As others have said, buy what is relevant to your plan; and leave those ‘maybe useful in the future’ products for the future. By then you will find that you can buy it when you do need it, if you still do, and by then, there may be a better version, or better product available.

      Would also like to mention that both of these links are not presently available
      What to Buy Online – For Beginners | Marketing With Sara
      – See more at: http://marketingwithsara.com/mindset/what-to-buy-online-for-beginners?replytocom=5996#respond

      What to Buy Online – For Beginners | Marketing With Sara | Cool Everday Things – See more at: http://marketingwithsara.com/mindset/what-to-buy-online-for-beginners?replytocom=5996#respond

      Greg Young

  11. I spend time and money since one year ago, and I am very frustated about all the courses online, can you recomend me an afiliate business course or trainning to earn some profits. Thanks

  12. Sara, your advice is dead on from my experience. The IM Universe is huge with many ways to approach it and make money. I know first hand that all of what you point out is True.

    I have been studying IM for a year now and have yet to make my first cent – not because of trying a bunch of different things and failing – but because there is a ton of stuff to learn IF you don’t take the mentoring route, which I didn’t.

    All of the fields of approach that you mention are exactly the ones that I have identified as the main avenues at this time. But it does take time to understand each one and all of the “moving parts” within each one – especially if you are like me and not a particularly speedy student and tend towards “over-thinking” too much.

    The thing is, if you don’t just go the Mentoring route and pay the price for a “trusted” Mentor, you almost have to go the slow boat way and delve into each of the main IM approaches before you can feel which one fits you best at any particular time. This can be done, as Sara pointed out, with very little outlay of money, but the trade off is your time to learn and your personal learning curve.

    I don’t recommend spending lots of time and/or money on a system that doesn’t appeal to your personality and approach to life, but how are you going to know unless you invest enough study?

    That’s what I have done.I have now narrowed down the 3 or 4 approaches I like and the one that really appeals to me right now at this moment(Sara’s approach)and because of my year long training, I know how to do what ever approach I decide on next – because we all eventually need a few approaches that we do well in order to succeed on a consistent basis.

    It’s important that one not feel stupid or incapable or ashamed if their training curve isn’t as fast as they might like. I wish my study hadn’t take as long as it has, but it takes as long as it takes to do it right and we all have our own paths to learning.

    As an example, Sara’s course – as simple in concept and approach as it is for me who has been learning this stuff for a year, it nevertheless has a lot of moving parts that you have to understand the purpose behind and technical pieces you have to be competent with in order to be successful.

    Believe me, we are all fortunate to know Sara who is so committed to the success of her students!

    Best to everybody

  13. Thanks for this post, Sara. Very sound advice to only buy products that will enhance what you’re doing right now! List-building courses, copy-writing courses and Google loophole software will be there when you’re ready. Buying everything now leads to distraction and overwhelm — all while that guarantee/return window ticks away.

  14. Hi Sara.

    Great post and absolutely spot on advice. Internet marketing is so distracting and can be such a time suck. There’s so many directions to Internet marketing and so much to learn. Having a clear understanding of what you what to achieve and in what timescale, taking into account your current financial and time commitments, will go a long way to helping you to remain laser focused, realistic and not get distracted by the many shinny objects that many newbie Internet marketers will be exposed and attracted to.

    My advice to anyone reading Sara’s post is to heed her advice if you want to save yourself a lot of time, money and frustration.

  15. I’m always looking for ways to earn extra cash, and I recently signed up for your free information and it’s been really helpful. I just started doing some very basic article marketing and hope to see some results soon. Thank you for making a lot of your information free for those of us that just can’t spend a lot of money! 🙂

  16. Hi there Sara,

    This is newbie Ronald from Amsterdam. Just dropped into the IM Business, a couple of weeks now.
    And now I’m in the proces of gettin acquinted with all these newbie fellow-IM-érs like yourself.
    ‘t Is true, I spent some hundreds lately, acquiring every bit of info possible.
    So by now, I have some understanding of what’s all about.
    On a daily bases I’m still receiving tons of emails, and I really try to go through it all.
    Funny,…but someway I’m enjoying this.
    By now I came to realize how overwhelming and gigantic this new passion has already grown.
    On one hand I have stumbled upon so many technicalities and programmes which at times makes it so hard to keep track.
    On the other hand I’ve got some insights which seems pretty understandible and easy to fullfill.

    Well,…afterall, I guess there’s a price to pay for every new skill, and in my case I guess it’s been worth it. For even if I haven’t make a penny yet, I think I’m in the right place.

    This new passion full of creativity, research, dedication and all it’s ever improving technicalities has really become a challenge, one I set my mind to spinn out. Sooner rather than later…

    Who cares,…I could end up with a penny or two…

    Thank you so much for the support.



  17. Wise advice as always!
    If there’s one immutable law in internet marketing it is this: Sales letters are sales letters. They are designed to hook you in on a supposed outcome of ultimate success, fulfillment and riches to such a degree that the methods, or content, of the product are hardly even mentioned.

    You’re duped into thinking that, this time (surely) you’ve found the key to endless wealth (for a tiny sum) and all you have to do is simple, easy, or ‘turnkey’. Most of the time you can’t even tell what the business model is exactly, from the sales page.

    The promises of tens of thousands a month from the “instant” or “one-click” systems will keep most people away from actually settling down and working (ahh, that dirty word) for their first humble affiliate paycheck. But this is exactly where the ‘gurus’ and deceit-peddlers had to begin.

    So thanks again, Sara, for a concise and methodical system, without smoke and mirrors in the sales copy.

  18. Sara…you are a gem and I’m glad I found you. You come across as really wanting people to succeed in IM and not there just to cream as much as you can off them. I like that and that is where you are streets ahead of a lot of other marketers. You have peoples trust and that relationship is really important I think…not just for you, but for us as well.
    For the last three months, I have been bombarded with emails because I have been opting in to marketers list trying to find something that I think I can succeed at working from home. It can feel quite overwhelming to find your email box bursting at the seams when you login in the morning and again at night.However, when you came along with your teaching style and caring attitude, I knew my search was at an end. I now have two streams that I will be focusing on and two only. Flipping Domains and Marketing Physical Products through your training program. I am still writing my articles for Ezine. I have unsubcribed from all other stuff and it is a relief…by inbox doesn’t give me panic attacks anymore.

  19. Hi Sara,

    This is a great post and it helps in clearing the clutter in the mind.

    One should not go on buying products if it is not going to be used / implemented right away. Buying for future use is futile because everything is evolving so the product may become outdated by the time you are ready to use it.

    Well done Sara, keep posting such articles.


  20. Hi Sara,

    Thank you for this post, very interesting and very useful post for beginners who are, as Rob said, constantly bombarded with more marketing stuff every day.
    The products can be very tempting sometimes and the choice difficult to make. But it is always a risky decision and my device is: if you are not 100% sure about the product don’t buy it.

    Thank you very much again Sara.

  21. Hi Sara

    A very good and wise post from you.

    I can relate to all the people who answered as I came to the same conclusion after getting thoroughly overwhelmed with too much information and had just stuck to one mentor, that is until I was introduced to you recently and you won my attention because you have a brilliant system, easy to understand and you include all the steps. You are to the point, don’t muck around and know what you are talking about.

    Your keyword research method is amazing.

    I am now just following your course and doing each step along the way as I can see after looking through your course that you have our interests at heart, and because of that you are an extremely valuable (and rare) asset to me.

    I know I will succeed with your guidance, I have not felt that about other teachers I have had in the past.

    I am very grateful to you Sara.

    Kindest regards,

  22. Hi Sara:

    Thank you so much for the post. I thank you very very very much for your patience and the patience of your staff at the help desk.

    It is so easy to buy all kinds of things and become overwhelmed. I have spent much time overwhelmed.

    I have also worked very hard making every conceivable mistake one can make. I don’t think I have missed a one. And I have to conclude that I keep finding more. I keep trying. and trying.

    I really will make it.

    Thank you for your patience.


  23. Great advice Sara.

    The company I recently joined has a strong physical catalogue, and an ok (but underperforming) website.
    There was no focus on consitent branding, theming and online marketing to the existing customer base; so I am excited to be reviewing the role of IM.

    Time will tell how successful we become, yet by understanding the desired outcomes, where we are today, and applying a sharp and considered focus to reduce the gap, I believe that success must follow smart work.

    Cheers and thanks for all of your encouragement and sound advice,

  24. an income will most likely be a tricky job to figure out. It takes hundreds of hours of research and failing to find what will work for you. You will most likely waste a lot of time and money before you are successful. Simply accept this as a part of experimenting and never give up!

  25. Sara
    We Purchased a Article Marketing program last year and I worked it diligently, but never got paid a dime. I’m not saying I didn’t make a couple of sales, but ClickBank would only pay if I got five or more and I only got four. I am having to let the site go because it cost’s me over a $100.00 a month and I can’t keep doing that. I bought your program and am going thru it now. I am hoping your’s does a better job. Thanks for your great support dept, they have been very helpful so far, and please keep these posts coming, I’m sure there are a lot of others out here that need a little TLC as well as me.

  26. Hi Sarah

    I thank God I found you; your suggestions are great. I agree with Michael Suggs and the others here 100%. I have been trying to make money online for about 2 years, but not one red cent. The reason information overload, unclear directions, jumping from offer to offers and nothing.

    However, now that found Easy Pay Check Formula I see things with more clarity and I know that soon I will be making money online. I recently joined the Steroids program and I am beginning to educate myself using your videos and now with Market Samurai I got on a link from Sarah.

    I would like to propose something to Sarah and all of us… would it be possible for those of us on Steroid program to kind of form a STEROID COMMUNITY to help each other when needed? the idea would be able to PM each other on things related to Steroid. P

    erhaps we could even Skype and help each other whenever there was a question… I do not know, but is just a though. There may be something not too difficult that someone may not understand, but another person may be able to help and thus free up time from Sarah heavy load.

    Just a thought… have a great time.


  27. Hi Sarah

    I thank God I found you; your suggestions are great. I agree with Michael Suggs and the others here 100%. I have been trying to make money online for about 2 years, but not one red cent. The reason information overload, unclear directions, jumping from offer to offers and nothing.

    However, now that found Easy Pay Check Formula I see things with more clarity and I know that soon I will be making money online. I recently joined the Steroids program and I am beginning to educate myself using your videos and now with Market Samurai I got on a link from Sarah.

    I would like to propose something to Sarah and all of us… would it be possible for those of us on Steroid program to kind of form a STEROID COMMUNITY to help each other when needed? the idea would be able to PM each other on things related to Steroid.

    Perhaps we could even Skype and help each other whenever there was a question… I do not know, but is just a though. There may be something not too difficult that someone may not understand, but another person may be able to help and thus free up time from Sarah heavy load.

    Just a thought… have a great time.


  28. Sara,

    You are truly a genuine teacher. You showed the way. You suggest other products that may enhance our skill though it is not belong to you. The best part is you remind us to stay focus an give some thought on motivation to keep us going. I just want to tell you one thing, by just simply referring to your free videos I managed to get few sales. Though it is not my first commission however your method really push me to write unique articles and really surprise me when my article finally got approved on EZA.

    Thanks Sara.

  29. Hi Michael

    Thank you for the second. I really hope we could do something like that because it would create momentum and would help us to move along faster with encouragement from each other and would help us to stay on track within Sarah guidelines.

  30. Hi Sara,

    Thanks a lot for a great post! 😀

    Very insightful in a lot of ways. Sometimes we need to have the right judgement and commitment to what we are doing in order to determine what’s best for us, and not just go along with the crowd trying out every new thing that comes out.


  31. Hi Sara just was on a webinar with Harlan Klickstein and he is advocating that google and clickbank may no longer be the what it used to be . Regards to scrutiny of what they have been leting go on their respective sites.I am so confused as he is the one who suggested your course now he says it will be that much harder to get articles published on ezine.Well i thought that was your main source that you advocated.Do i now need shakespeare to write my articles so i can get them on ezine or ads on facebook??Harlans 48 hresFacebook course!! Too much info and totally confused and paralyzed !


    • Hi John,

      Don’t worry. If you own Easy Paycheck Formula – I’ve got you covered. I am updating the course to work well with the latest changes, and you can still make good money with it.


  32. This makes so much sense. So often beginners are faced with so many sales hypes leaving the beginner to feel guilty for not signing up and buying into them.

    Thanks Sara.

  33. In a general sense, if I were to write an article a day and submit to ezine articles, would that be an effective link building strategy?John’s last post…Nov 5- Juicing Recipe Gingorapple

  34. Excellent guide Sara! I always look at purchasing new products as an investment for TIME, sure I can get the info for free on the net (if I look hard enough), but by purchasing the product, I drastically cut down the TIME it takes to find the right info and fashion it into a workable plan. Purchasing a product really is just investing in a shortcut to gaining actionable information, in my opinion.

  35. I’ll definitely share this article with my clients and students, Sara.

    I usually develop a larger business “blueprint” for them to follow in achieving their goals. We then discuss what products and services they may find useful to accomplish that.

    I tell them it’s like going to college. The first thing that happens is that you get appointed an “academic advisor” – for just one reason, really. To help map out a plan for you to follow in order to achieve your degree. You’re not advised to take (ie., buy) a bunch of courses that have nothing to do with your major.

    I think you’ve pretty much given that same advice, here, Sara. Thanks for that, and thanks for always being one of my trusted sources that I look to before purchasing my own online courses and tools.

  36. Good information

    I have a tendency to jump at offers soley because I want to make money and quit my job which I hate. Bad reason.
    I am presently taking a course that compliments easypaycheck formula. It is not exactly an affiliate course and encourages you to have your own product which is an information product. Some think information should be given away free and not used to make money on, yet people are making good money on information products. vis-a-vis clickbank

    I’m putting together my first information product in the weight loss/health niche. It’s entitled “how I lost 25 pounds and kept it off”. It is a free pdf article about ten pages long and as you mention it is much more of a task than affiliate marketing although I never liked seo affiliate marketing with backlinking and keeping google happy OR ELSE.

    I chose this niche because it meets all of four criteria this course recommends, ie, are there enough products to sell in this niche, are people buying these products, are they affordable, and do you like this niche.

    The fourth criteria do you like this niche is very important as it helps keep you enthusiastic long enough to overcome obstacles and succeed, as you won’t run out of things to say to people and just as importantly will help you build a relationship of trust with people. I first started off in the making money online niche. I was kinda interested but not as much as in other niches like health, fishing, golf, etc which I am passionate about and can talk for hours on

    The course emphasizes relationship/reputation marketing and as you know this is a result of google algorithms in response to spamming. Using this approach won’t make me money quickly but hopefully in the long run it will prove to be a steady, reliable income.

    I don’t like the idea of having to constantly be writing information articles to my supscribers/bloggers and offering them products I’ve used myself plus having to have a support system for them, but there .is outsourcing to keep me from getting overwhelmed, discouraged, and distracted from focusing on my main goal which is research and marketing, providing excellent articles/blogs and products 24/7/365

    rudy ferrara

    • That’s a great thing to start with. I recommend you offer your services on places like http://odesk.com and on the Warrior Forum (there is a sub-forum for people offering their services)

  37. I meant to add concerning my previous comment about my being passionate about certain niches and not so much about others, EVERY NICHE concerns internet marketing in some way as sara mentions. ie, affiliate marketing, building your own websites, creating your own preduct, etc. The information I gained from sara is proving crucial in my efforts in developing a health/weight loss information product. Sara is an expert in affiliate marketing of information products as well as physical products and she knows a thing or two on getting traffic, using article marketing, blogging, etc.
    I wouldn’t even attempt embarking on creating my own information product in the health/weight loss niche without the training I’ve gotten from sara. I’m using blogging and forums as well as article marketing I’ve learned from sara to not only create my first information product but just as importantly getting traffic to my offers by first building a relationship with people. Sara is an expert in relationship/reputation building. You can’t lose with sara

    Rudy ferrara


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