What to Buy Online – if You Are Already Making Money


Last week I wrote a post about what to buy if you are new to Internet Marketing.

Today I’d like to talk about what to buy if you are already making some money.

If you are making money online, then it’s time to have a plan based on what you are doing that works for you.

At this point, you probably have a system that you can replicate again and again – to make more income.

So your plan should basically be a list of activities that your system requires.

For example, if you are promoting physical products as an affiliate, your plan can be:

  • do keyword research
  • create blogs (or sites) for the products you are promoting
  • drive traffic to those blogs with articles
  • promote the blogs and articles with baclinks

This kind of list is important to have because it will keep you focused and stop you from getting sidetracked by other methods.

And it will help you make wise buying decisions.

I want you to realize that at this point buying and following certain products can sidetrack you and take you away from your money-making system.

But buying other products can multiply your results and make you a lot more money.

So you need to be able to tell the difference and understand what to buy in order to keep making more and more money.

Since you already have a system that works for you, the type of product you want to get now is something that will enhance what you are already doing.

For example, you might want to get a good keyword research tool.

Or a course that teaches how to get more traffic to your blogs.

Or a tactic that will improve what you are doing or add to it.

Just make sure that it will help you with what you are doing right now.

So when you come across a new course, the question to ask yourself is:

Will this help me make more money online with what I am already doing?

And do I have the time and resources to put this into practice?

Get it if the answer to both questions is yes.

(of course you also want to make sure it has good recommendations and reviews, and a money back guarantee)

I have bought several products where the answer to these questions was yes, and the tools and training that I’ve received were certainly worth the price. Even when the price was high – and I’m talking about thousands of dollars here – most of the time it was completely worth it, and I’ve received my investment back manyfold.

If the answer to one of the questions above is no – then don’t get the product.

So – back to our physical product affiliate example – if you come across a course that teaches how to create adsense sites, or how to write good sales pages – understand that this is not right for you right now.

But if you come across a keyword tool that will save you time, or a way to get more high-quality traffic to your site, then go for it.

Now, there will come a time when you feel that you have maximized results from what you are already doing, or that you would rather concentrate on another income stream.

That’s ok.  There’s nothing wrong with that.

In fact, I’ve done it many times.   I mean, adapting to change and learning new things is the name of the game in internet marketing…

So if you are sure you want to change directions, then go back to my previous post and make sure the new system you are looking at is what you want and should be doing right now.

Pay attention to the comments on my post as well. Especially what Rob said:

“Learning new methods can only improve your ability to adapt to changing conditions and maybe create another income stream, … But, I hope you can see the difference between chasing after every latest product-launch and mastering a method, replicating it and getting runs on the board, and then learning another method.”

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14 thoughts on “What to Buy Online – if You Are Already Making Money”

  1. Hi Sara,

    Super post! As we all started out with no clue as what to look for and buying the next get rich program,focusing on the program a person has in hand is the only way to gaining any type of success and I have found yours to be the easiest to implement.

    Thank you,

  2. It’s very easy to be attracted by something that’s new and seems to promise great rewards. Sometimes we’re like kids under the Christmas tree, trying to decide what to play with next. I’ve had a hard time with focus myself, so I know the dangers of jumping from one glittering idea to the next. Without focus we just spin in circles.

  3. Hi Sara

    Thanks for the info, Just adding my 2cents.
    Whenever I get a mail promotion, I go straight to Warriors Forum & check on the Internet Marketing Reviews & Ratings. I don’t buy many offers, but when I do, it has always had the thumbs up from the forum. The other way is recommendations from trusted Marketers such as yourself, Jan Roos, Andrew Hansen, etc.

  4. Sara,
    Thank you for everything. A couple years ago I was injured on the job and can no longer do much in the physical department. For a construction worker this is a massive blow. As a father of five at 36 years old, let me just say that I feel your course was very well worth the investment and hopefully I will begin to see some revenue soon. Thanks again,

  5. Sara,

    There are really a lot to learn to sharpen our skills. Yup, that is the key point. Learn things related to method I’m learning now. Not to hop over to things unrelated where I’ll get confused and overloaded.

    Your post really help me to make decision what next product to buy. I may consider to buy software to create or spin articles so that I can post many articles at much faster rate. Actually I am also interested to venture into niche blogs. Maybe I have to put that as my next project 🙂 So, I can focus my effort to EPF first.

    Thanks for your kind advice!

  6. For me, I would rather master and stick to one method and use it in a million ways, rather than learning a million methods and using only one of them or a few of them.

    Apart from info products, I think most software that can help you to get results faster are worth it, and it normally helps you to save time and resources instead of using them up. When you break down your process into a list like you said, you can often find a lot of software that would help you speed up the process.

    Outsourcing is also a good option for people who are already earning money and looking to invest some of it.


  7. If I buy some of your books, am I permitted to use some’ of the content of the book on a web page; that is, may I put some’ of the text on a web page as a teaser with a link to buy the book? I’d like to start a blog using some of the content from your ebooks, and lead in to attempting to sell the ebook.

  8. There are times when you might invest in a coaching program or purchase a product and then find that it doesn’t meet your needs or fill the niche you thought that it would based on your expectations. One should clearly look at what it is they have purchased and determine if the product is indeed helping them or just sucking money and time. This is not to say that the product is bad, it just might not meet your specific needs, if that is the case it is better to get your money back and move on than to try and make it fit. Products and Coaching are tools. One tool does not fit all situations, even if the people using the tools are all doing the same job.

  9. Sara, you know I believe in you enough to be involved in your coaching program. I am diligently working away at it in spite of wanting to quit – F.O.C.U.S. – Follow one course until sucessful.


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