5 Ways to Inject Passion Into Your Niche ( & Make More Sales)


When choosing a niche my subscribers often ask me:

Should I pick a niche I deeply care about?

Or should I focus only on the profit potential, and select a niche which will make me money as fast as possible?

I Call It the Profit Vs Passion Dilemma

It’s a great question, and there are arguments to be made for both sides.

On the one hand, choosing a niche you are passionate about has clear advantages.

After all, if you care deeply about your niche, you will naturally invest more time and effort into your work. You will enjoy yourself, you will focus better, and you will be less likely to give up—even though you will meet obstacles along the way.

More important, your enthusiasm for your niche will come through in your writing. People will sense your excitement and be moved by it.  They will then be more likely to take your advice, share your content, and link to it. That, in turn, will lead to higher earnings for you.

In short, your passion could very well push you along the path to success.

On the other hand, what about…MONEY?

Profit Is More Important Than Passion

There are no two ways about it: We all need money. And what if the niche you are passionate about is not going to be all that helpful when it comes to paying the bills?

Or what if it will pay the bills, but it will take a really, really long time?

Then, unfortunately, you have a problem.

Because if you don’t make a profit within a reasonable amount of time, your business will fail.

Without the initial income to show for your efforts, you will be forced to give up. And once you have given up, you will wonder if you will ever be able to succeed.

That’s why I tell my new students that they have no choice but to focus on the bottom line, even if it means choosing a niche they don’t care too much about.

If you are not yet earning a full-time income online, then you need to begin with what’s easy, and only then move on to something harder. Just like with everything else you learn for the first time.

(Imagine if you had tried to learn multiplication before you had mastered addition. Or think about how much more difficult it is to learn how to ride a bicycle without training wheels.)

In business as well, when you are just starting out, you must follow the fastest path to cash.

If you pick something hard, it could be years before you see a profit. And most people do not have that kind of time.

You need to make success as attainable as possible. Otherwise you risk running out of money and being left with nothing.

Now, I know that’s a bummer. 🙁


Passion Can Be Generated

We all want to do what we love, and love what we do.

So the trick is to somehow generate a passion for your chosen niche, even when the topic does not naturally inspire you on its own.

That probably sounds impossible. (How are you supposed to care about, say, underwater cameras, when you don’t even like to get wet?)

But it can be done. And it’s not as hard as you think.

What’s more, the payoff is immense.

Because once you have forged a new passion for your niche, the quality and content of your work will reflect your elevated spirits.

You will start to enjoy your work, and as a result, you will be more likely to follow through and succeed—even in a niche which at first did not “speak to you” at all.

You will also see better results when your readers sense this passion.

I myself have done this in my own business. In fact, I still do it all the time.

And I have some tried-and-true tips for you on how to inject passion into your work.

I think you will agree that they can revolutionize your approach to your business—and that they can help pave the road to your eventual success.

Please try them. Then let me know what happens:


Here are five suggestions for how you can forge passion for your work when you don’t feel it naturally, after you’ve already picked your niche based on it’s earning potential:

1. Become passionate about making money

Even if you cannot find a way to care about your niche, you can (and should) care about making money.

Unfortunately, for some of us at least, that’s not so simple.

Many people are simply not motivated by money. Yes, they want to pay the bills. But doing that and/or having a bigger balance in the bank is not enough of an incentive. They need something more tangible than that.

If you are one of those people, you will need to focus instead on what money can help you achieve: Freedom to live the life you want.

With money, you can buy a more comfortable place to live. You can hire tutors or pay for enrichment activities for your kids. You can travel alone, or take a family vacation.

You can also invest the money into causes you are inherently passionate about.

Remembering your ultimate reasons for wanting more money will motivate you as you work on your business, and cause you to become passionate about your site.

2. Use your niche to fuel the driving force behind your passion

This requires a degree of self-awareness—which is well worth your effort in and of itself, so I encourage you to take the time to complete the following three-step exercise.

(Take your time with it because, as I note below, this is something you should be doing only after you are already earning a steady stream of income from your niche. But you can start thinking about it right away. And just knowing that this is possible, will help you become more enthusiastic about your niche from the beginning.)

Step 1: List the things you are passionate about or care about.

Step 2: Ask yourself why you care so much about these causes. The answer to this “why” question is the driving force behind your passion.

Step 3: Use your existing niche to fuel this driving force.

Step 3 requires some creativity. I am going to give you a couple of examples.

Example #1: Let’s say you’re passionate about educational materials. Unfortunately, you couldn’t find profitable keywords in this niche, so instead you chose to build your business around gardening equipment, which is potentially much more profitable.

(I haven’t actually checked these niches. All examples in this blog post are purely hypothetical in terms of their income potential)

Here’s the three-step process you would follow:

Step 1. As we noted above, you are passionate about educational materials.

Step 2. You ask yourself why you care so much about education. You answer that you believe that every child can learn and succeed if they are provided with a framework which builds their self-confidence and encourages their natural curiosity.

So the driving force behind your passion is your wish to help provide every child with a framework in which they can learn successfully.

Step 3. Now that you have articulated that, you can use your chosen niche (gardening equipment) to further your passion (changing the way we teach so that our children can actually learn).

In this case, you write articles which explain how children can learn at least as successfully while gardening as they can within the four walls of a traditional classroom. You then provide suggestions about how to build an educational garden: one structured for the purpose of teaching children about ecology, biology, and engineering.

And just like that, your gardening equipment niche is helping to further education reform! Pretty cool, right? 

Example #2: Your passion is mental health. Your niche is in pet supplies.

Step 1: As we said, you are passionate about mental health.

Step 2: You ask yourself what drives your passion. You answer that it is important to you that people who suffer from mental illness should be able to easily access the products, services, and therapies they need without having to suffer embarrassment or stigma.

So the driving force behind your passion is your strong belief that anyone with a mental disorder should be able to get effective treatment.

How can you use your pet supplies niche to help you achieve this goal? In this case you can write about the benefits of animal therapy in the treatment of illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and eating disorders.

You have thus used your niche to further the ultimate objective of your passion. (Note that the quality content provided by articles like these will get you authority links from other sites, social shares, and repeat visitors coming back to your website—which are all helpful to your SEO)

This won’t work for every passion and every niche, which is why you need to start with a list of a few things you are passionate about.

Finally, I want to share an example from my own experience as an internet marketer and teacher of internet marketing:

Believe it or not, my passion is not helping people build internet businesses. It’s not even helping people make money.

These fields are merely a means to achieving what I really care about: I want to help you, my reader, live the life you want to live.

I want you to have the freedom and the resources to choose the lifestyle you want.

And I want you to be able to use your unique skills and talents to further the causes you are passionate about. So you too can make a difference in the world in your own way.

This is what drives me forward when I teach people how to build niche sites and make money online.

Important caveat:

Don’t try to focus on your passion immediately. You must first concentrate fully on earning money. Only when you are earning a steady income ALREADY, should you allow yourself to broaden your focus in this way.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should not think at all about the things you care about. Feel free, in your spare time, to nurture your passions and to reflect on why you are so drawn to them. Then, once your business is functioning well, you can figure out how to use your niche to advance the causes which are most important to you.

3. Apply your skills and talents to your work

This is one way to take some of the “work” out of work: Figure out what you are good at and what you enjoy, and use those skills in your niche. This is an excellent antidote to some of the tedium and teeth-pulling nearly everyone runs into while building their business

For example, if you are good at graphics, make sure to use that talent when you build and design your website. Not only will you enjoy yourself, but your website will be better for your efforts. It’s a win-win.

(You may have noticed that this “trick” works in other aspects of your life, not just in business. If there is a particular chore you dread—baking, for instance—but you love to paint and draw (and you’re good at it), then spending your time icing and decorating a cake can make the time in the kitchen at least tolerable—and you will end up with a beautiful dessert which will delight your family and friends.)

Important: don’t spend too much time on these tasks at first. Here too it’s important to wait until you are earning at least a steady income. Until then, make sure you focus mainly on the tasks that will help you make money as fast as possible. But keep in mind that if you follow my tips, the future holds more passion for you!

4. Hire passionate writers

To each his own! Lucky for all of us, there are people out there who are passionate about the weirdest things. 🙂

You may not understand WHY they care so much about gardening tools or pet supplies (or coffee makers or cameras), but they do, and they would be positively thrilled to get paid to share their passion with your readers.

These people LOVE to discuss the technical aspects of the products you want to review, so track them down and hire them to help you out.

Your readers will sense their excitement, and you will get better conversions as a result. (Meanwhile, you can use your time for something else: Again, it’s a win-win.)

Just remember that you have to have the money to pay your writers—so you have to start by making a profit on your own, and only then hire the work out.

5. View this initial period as valuable (and profitable) practice time

Keep in mind that if you focus on the money now, the future holds plenty of passion for you.

With time and experience will hopefully come success, and you will be able to implement all the tips in this post and become truly passionate about your niche.

Ultimately you will even have the financial leeway to move into a more difficult niche which speaks to you more.

For now, though, you can be passionate about learning the ropes.

Think of this as springboard to pursuing your true passion in the future.

It’s A Matter of Attitude

Hopefully, those five tips will help you inject some passion into your niche.

Some you can implement right now (#1 and #5) and some you will put into use as your profits grow.

And who knows? I have had students who, once they got into the swing of things, were surprised to discover that they were actually enjoying themselves in their chosen niche, though they could never have imagined they would have when they first started out.

Like so many things in life, it’s a matter of attitude. Treat this is an opportunity to focus on something new and different: With an open mind, you may actually appreciate the adventure. 🙂

You don’t have to give up on your passion. And in the meantime, I assure you that your time will be well spent.

— Sara

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  1. Hi Sara I had a blog on gardening I never made money from it gardening is my job I make more money working than having a blog I stopped blogging I might start again one day.


  2. Thanks, Sara! More golden nuggets of wisdom, this is just as great as your fascination with brain chemicals 🙂 And I totally agree, once you really get deeply involved in what you’re doing you usually end up enjoying it!

    You are one of the marketers I trust the most, and I’m absolutely determined to earn my living online. Just had to go back for a short period of time to my old job, and I’m very clear that I do not want to keep doing that! No better motivation than that 🙂

  3. Sara,
    I really appreciate these great words of wisdom. I have been in a quandary lately as I’ve been self-employed as a realtor for 13 years. My passion has been waning and ideally I want to have a location independent type of business online. I have been tempted to take an 8-5 job yet I still like my freedom, even in my current position. I believe I need to take your words to heart for now and work on my future, on the side. I need to ignore my feelings and make money over my passion. Thank you for your great ideas and sharing how you feel yourself about internet marketing and your purpose.

  4. Sarah, I just ran across you , But I’m rooting for you, You make a lot of sense, thanks for being you, that’s a big thing. Best wishes on your travels


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