Here is a Method That is Helping Me Get Awesome Results With Fiverr Gigs


Online debates continue to rage over Fiverr. People are asking:

How valuable is it? Will it help my business?

Will it help me rank higher on Google? Brand myself? Get more traffic?

Often strong opinions are expressed for and against using Fiverr. And the debates go on and on.

This always makes me smile inside. Because Fiverr is just a tool. And the answer to whether it is good or bad, depends completely on how YOU use it.

Just like a hammer or any other tool, Fiverr can be destructive or helpful.

I’ve bought over 70 gigs so far. Some of them have been awesome, while some have been quite useless. So I want to share what I’ve learned so you can avoid making the same mistakes I made, and score winning gigs from the start.

Ready? Great 🙂

First, don’t be tempted by gigs that promise immediate Google rankings or loads of traffic with some magic button. Instead, use Fiverr for predefined tasks that you need for your business, like purchasing a logo, getting software help, or having a video transcribed.

Here’s how to make sure you get the best results out of a Fiverr gig.

Step #1: Define your highest priorities.

Because the outcome varies from person to person, ask yourself what exactly you need from the chosen gig. For example, if I am looking for a transcriber, my priority will be accuracy.

So the first step is defining your top priority. Note that down.

Step #2: Decide how soon you need it

The more time you have, the more gigs you’ll be able to choose from. Since I’m a last-minute kind of person, I tend to need things done quite fast 🙂

Step #3: Search for what you need

Fiverr Gigs Search

Step #4: Sort the results by rating

Fiverr best gigs sort

Step #5: Open gigs that have 100% rating and a delivery time within your time-frame

So for example, if you need the gig within 2 days, right click and pick ‘open in new tab’ to view gigs that have a 100% rating and a delivery date of 1 or 2 days.

Step #6: Examine each gig you just opened

Make sure you look at the following:

Description: You want to look at the description, and make sure the provider is offering what you need. Look for any special instructions (such as: “message me before you buy”).

Samples: For many gigs, especially graphics and video related, it’s important to look at samples. People’s taste may vary, and a caricature that others liked and reviewed as “great”, might not be to YOUR liking. So make sure you like the work the provider does.

Reviews: Ignore all the generic reviews that say “great job” and “thanks”. And look for reviews that mention what YOU decided was your highest priority. So remember how accuracy was the most important to me? I would look for reviews that actually mention accuracy. For example, “great job. Very accurate”.

If I’m happy with the description, sample, and reviews, I’ll keep the tab open. Otherwise, if I’m not perfectly happy with it, I’ll close it.

Step #7: Select a gig

If you’re left with just one and decided that it meets your needs – go ahead and buy it.

If you’re left with more, use your gut feeling or choose one that has the most ratings and place an order.

Here are a few things to keep in mind after you order:

Don’t expect perfect results

Remember, you are most likely buying work for a fraction of the normal cost. If you get a graphic done elsewhere it will cost you a LOT more. However, don’t expect a $500 job for a bargain price.

I’m not saying you’ll get junk done (I have received a lot of good work from Fiverr providers). Just don’t expect top-of-the-industry work. If you want the perfect logo based on the psychology of your market and you have the money for it, you might want to just go elsewhere and pay more.

Don’t expect to be happy with all gigs

Most gigs will turn out well. But every once in a while, you’ll end up with a dud. Just order the same thing from someone else and move on.

When you’re happy with a gig, keep the provider

Once you’ve gotten 1 great video done, use the same provider over and over again. That way you know in advance that the results will be good. Use the successful gigs to build yourself a virtual outsourcing team.

Here are some of the great things to use Fiverr for:

Graphic Design

Graphics are my favorite to outsource on Fiverr.

I use them for ecovers, logos, Facebook profile photos and covers, infographics, image editing, and more.

Also, look for a graphics provider who will do at least one or more revisions so you do have the opportunity to provide feedback and have some tweaks as needed.

Video Creation

Video is one of the most fun categories to browse through on Fiverr.

If you’re afraid to create your own video, or just find it difficult, just get one created for you for $5.

Different providers have different styles, so make sure to choose someone who matches your needs.

Stay away from fake video testimonial gigs. I find them quite unethical.

Video Editing

If you end up having technical issues with your own video creations, you can use a Fiverr expert to fix them for you.

When I had trouble with the audio in my videos, I used a Fiverr gig to remove crackling and hissing. It made a huge difference!


Not all content is appropriate for outsourcing on Fiverr. You can outsource articles that will be put in article directories. But don’t use Fiverr for your own, blog for example.

Make sure your writer shows you some samples. When you look at these samples check for grammar, spelling, proper layout (opening, body, closing), and the value of information provided.

Submissions to article directories, video sites, podcasts, and more

Fiverr is great for submitting your articles, audio, and video to online directories. Make sure you use someone who will manually submit them to high-authority sites. Stay away from providers who will spam your content to thousands of places.

Technical issues

You can use Fiverr providers to help you with technical issues, such as problems with your blog, plugins, or other software. Just $5 can save you hours of trying to argue with gremlins.

As I said these are just a few of the things you can outsource on Fiverr.

Just follow the steps I have outlined above and you’ll get the best results possible. Use Fiverr properly and it will become a very valuable resource for your business to help you with branding, traffic, and more. Use it wrong, and it has the potential to cause a lot of havoc.

Happy outsourcing!

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3 thoughts on “Here is a Method That is Helping Me Get Awesome Results With Fiverr Gigs”

  1. Just for my own knowledge I am trying to complete as much as possible while I learn the process of setting up a site that gets traffic and builds a list. But when I have done the rudiments I will definitely hire from Fiverr for tasks I do not want to do or can’t
    do easily. I have a bid out there now to develop an avatar that helps with my branding.

  2. I have not used fiverr before but after reading this article I will be giving it ago for some tasks in the future. Hopefully it works out well as to me this sounds like an incredibly cheap way to source out work and build a support network of tried and tested people who can deliver with specific skills!


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