Marketing With Sara

What Works in Internet Marketing

If you have ever bought into a scam… Or if you have ever worked hard on a strategy just to find out that it is outdated… or simply doesn’t work… then you MUST watch the replay of Wednesday’s webinar. It will show you the main 2 ways to earn an income online, and how to […]

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Job Opportunity: Join My Team!

I’m expanding my team, and you are invited to apply if you’re making at least $1,000/month by promoting physical products as an affiliate. This is a great opportunity to improve your skills and have lots of fun! And it could be a springboard to a massive income jump. If you’re interested, contact me at the […]

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Rule #1 of Affiliate Success – Pick the Right Niche

Picking a Good Niche

Today I want to discuss a very serious issue. One that can make the difference for you between success and failure in affiliate marketing. Here’s how this came up: A few months ago three people decided to create an affiliate business online. Each had their own reason. One was about to retire and wanted to […]

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Warning to All Affiliate Marketers

Amazon Warning

This post is a warning for all Amazon affiliates. Actually, all affiliates should read this. If you are in a hurry, and don’t want to read the entire post, the moral of this story is to make sure you use the required affiliate disclsure statement on all your sites. If not, you may face trouble […]

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My New Blog Design

New Affiliate Marketing Blog Design

It’s time for me to announce my new blog design. It’s actually been ready for a while, but I’ve been busy working behind the scenes of my coaching program. I’m very committed to that program, and spend a lot of time on it. However, it’s important that I post on this blog as well so […]

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How to Pick Winning Products To Promote This Holiday Season

Everyone knows there's a lot of money to be made during the holiday season, and it really comes down to picking a winning product and following a system that works. But not everyone knows how to pick the kind of product that will really make a big difference to your bottom line. Of course you can […]

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