Sara’s Q&A Call – January 16 2011


I had my first Q&A session today, so I figured this would be a good opportunity to restart my (quite dead) blog.

I must say that I loved doing this call.

Everyone was really great and I’m so glad I could help people out.

My only regret is that I couldn’t answer all the questions – I must have received over 250 questions both in advance and during the call.

If you participated in the call, please leave your feedback below.

I’d love to know what you thought, what you learned, and anything else you’d like to say.

Below is a recording of the session.

And here are the prize winners.

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124 thoughts on “Sara’s Q&A Call – January 16 2011”

  1. Hi Sara,

    One of the things I really like about you, and it speaks loudly of your high integrity, is that you advise those who listen to you to do what works, even if it isn’t your product. Thank you for your leadership and encouragement, and may you continue to prosper as you lead others to the “well.”

    Thank you for the great call!


  2. Hi Sara,

    I enjoy you so much but I was really disappointed when I tuned into the call 5 minutes before the call and it was just ending. My understanding from your Email was it was at 1:00 EST. That makes it 10:00am Pacific time. What did I miss?

    Thanks for your course,

  3. The webinar was absolutely AMAZING! I learned so much!! I have just purchased your Easy Paycheck Formula! and can’t wait to get started!

    Thanks again for the wonderful information! I’ve been making money online for quite a while, but your system makes it so much easier!

    I hope you choose to do another webinar soon!

  4. I enjoyed your seminar very much. I would recommend accepting questions in advance so you can group them and answer the most popular first.
    Again Thank you and also I enjoyed your article marketing training on month 2 of the EPF on Steroids.


  5. Hi Sara,

    I enjoyed the Q&A session. I realized that this process is simple taking action is sometimes hard. One thing you made clear is to take action because your system is proven to work.


    C. Mayfield

  6. Sara as a technophobe I found the webinar helpful and more than helpful I found it reassuring and especially found it empowering. Thank you so much and you’ll be seeing me as a new purchaser of EPF by the end of the week.

  7. I would first like to thank you for taking time to help us learn more about Easy Paycheck Formula and Marketing in general. I am an Easy Paycheck Formula customer but I also work full time, have a husband and three children so I must admit that I’m often too tired to work as hard as I should. My goal is to work from home by the end of 2011. $350 per week is all I need to supplement my husband’s income. And You have given me renewed confidence that I can do this. Thanks so much for your time and encouragement. May God bless you and keep you (and your family)!

  8. Hi Sara:

    Your webinar was very professional. Your honestly came through to us and your straight forward approach is very informative. Knowing the program and the basics are still relevant not matter how old affiliate marketing is.

    This confirms to all of us to keep going no matter what obstacles we face, find away to go around and continue.


  9. Really good webinar for newbies as we get to ask questions about our struggles before that first sale.
    I hope you can do this often.
    I hope you don’t mind as well if we can give advice during the Q & A, it’s like a live chat.
    Really enjoyed it.
    Thanks again.

  10. Hi, Sara, I really appreciated the Q&A session. The topic of mindset was a good one for me today. I’ve read through the Easy Paycheck Formula but have not submitted the 10 articles yet. Even though you’d stated it in Easy Paycheck Formula,it helped me to have you mention again that everyone gets stuck on things sometimes and the most important thing is just to keep moving forward.

    Have a great day!

  11. Thanks for the helpful webinar Q&A – it’s re-motivated me!

    I could spend longer writing a comment here about the great system and its easy to follow steps, but I need to go and start making money with Easy Paycheck Formula right now!

    Thanks, Sara – just what I needed!


  12. Hi Sarah I enjoyed the Q n A session. What I would like you to do is take the questions you did not get a chance to answer and make a recording answering them where there won’t be any time constraints and post them on your blog.
    That would be good!
    Rock on Sarah

  13. Sara – I am one of your students, having bought Easy Paycheck Formula. I thought the webinar today was a clear, hype-free zone and frankly we are all extremely fortunate to be learning from you. The webinar hopefully convinced every skeptic out there that you are for real – you proved that by taking the question openly from the person who asked if making money online was a scam. Well the answer is yes it can be – but not on this webinar, nor on Easy paycheck Formula.

    I’m a moderator in a large internet marketing forum and I have told everyone there to buy this course. You have single handledly turned me from a jobbing web designer into an internet marketer and for that I am grateful.

  14. Sara
    Thanks for giving up 60 minutes of Sunday – especially with 6 kids. Best part is your continued encouragement on keeping the belief in having a system. And not being fooled by the “easy ways to make money”. Discouragement is the downfall of most IM’s. Having the coach around to keep your spirits up is really important.
    Thanks again for your time.

  15. Sara,

    I truly do hope you make the decision to hold more of these webinars. They are extraordinarily useful, and holding them with some frequency takes away any major disappointment that a person couldn’t get their question answered. Of course you do make yourself available through your support system, but I think everyone likes the live format.

    Thanks for your great teaching! It was an enjoyable event, for sure.

  16. Thank you SARA ! I learned a lot through other peoples’ questions. PLEASE, we do need such webinars in the near future. Some points got clearer in my mind through your answers. I need to get unstuck and get back on the EASY PAYCHECK FORMULA everyday ! Thanks again 🙂

  17. Hi Sara
    Great webinar ! Just not long enough.I realise that a lot of people have a lot of questions.But more content next tim please !
    I know it was a q and a but maybe do a content based webinar next time based on the top 10 questions you receive.

  18. Hi Sara,

    Great job to encourage me !!!

    I was referred to you by Bob Yeager, and I am very glad that he recommended me to you.

    As of today, I have not made 1 penny online. One of the reasons, is that I did not follow through with your formula. I am excited to go back and follow up and complete Easy Paycheck Formula, and I will probably follow up with Steroids as well. Thanks for encouraging me to realize my dream – making money online, and do NOT let anything stop me – thanks again for all the encouragement

    Best to you and yours,

    Bo Mesing

  19. One more time, thank you so much for taking your precious time of your busy schedule to help us better ourselves.

    It is nice to see that some affiliate marketers actually care about others and endeavor themselves in helping beginners in achieving their goals.

    Thanks again and you have all my support.

    Gilles Lacroix

  20. Sara,

    I really enjoyed the webinar today! You did a great job!

    Just so you know that you are one of the few that I get excited about when I see I have an email from you!

    I know when it’s from you that it’s worth opening which is a refreshing change from so many out there that promote junk. As you mentioned on the webinar, it’s important to only promote things you feel good about.

    Come to think of it, I haven’t tweeted about you lately so I think I’ll do that right now! I’m up to 6,651 followers now.

    Really looking forward to more webinars.

    Thanks for being so real and great and for creating such a terrific course.


  21. Really great Q&A for one simple reason: you are a REAL PERSON. After being bombarded with Internet Marketing come-on’s, buy-me’s, and try-me’s, I thank heaven that I came upon you and your products. I feel I can trust what you say and will be using your Helpdesk much more.

    By the way, is there anywhere a site that offers impartial reviews of IM products and services–the stuff that ranks is Google seems to be all sponsors and claques.

    Once again, thank you and Yishar Kochachech.

    Ken Stein

  22. Hello Sara, and thanks for the webinar!
    I learned something very important today from you; at some point you said not to overthink about what to write, which product to choose, etc, because this will result in NOT DOING anything. Now that I think about that, I have wasted many good ideas because I couldn’t find the perfect keyword, or I didn’t know what to write about that.

    From today on, I’ll start DOING!

    thanks again, I enjoyed your webinar!

  23. I really enjoy your warm and sincere teaching style. Your honesty comes through loud and clear in your voice.

    Thank you;

  24. Hi Sara
    You were most encouraging in your Q&A in that you have encouraged us not to give up.
    Sara your EPF is the most comprehensive course I have found and are also a good teacher, your help deck is unmached.
    Looking forward to your next Q&A.
    Thanks once again.

  25. Sara, what a breathe of fresh air you provide. Fielding Q. & A. live must take a lot of energy but you never lost your positive attitude. Thanks for your integrity and efforts.

    Your strength of character and message about not giving up and finding a work-around to problems is inspirational. Building any business takes that sort of perseverance but I think the internet audience has been fed and believes it a spoon fed success formula.

    Admitting you don’t like writing gave us a glimpse of both truth in advertising and what it takes to get over the hurdles. I like your systematic approach too.

    warm regards and thanks for the invite to your first Q. & A.

    warm regards and swishes for a very successful 2011


  26. Hello, great webinar. I think the most important thing I learned was to never give up, don’t let anything stop you. I must admit I did let the article writing stop me. But guess what, not any more. Nothing will stop me! Also you said..Ask For Help. With these two ingredient I can’t fail. Thanks Sara

  27. Hi Sara, great webinar – would be good if you could hold it later in the day. It is 4am in Aus!!! but was worth the early rise… many thanks, Bev

  28. Thanks for the great webinar… Every little bit helps!
    And I like the accent too… You sound like a mystery woman from a James Bond movie!

  29. Hi Sara,
    Your seminar was crisp, precise and to the point, just like your course. I joined your course several months back, created one blog and wrote one article in, tried to get some traffic to my blog doing social book marking but I didn’t get a sale. Then I had just left it. I have probably picked up a wrong product. (It was a chi mini hair dressing equipment.)
    Now after listening to your seminar, I have decided to go over your material again and work for sales. I was nspired by the slogan displayed on the webinar page, ‘Follow the formula. It works every time.’ Yes, I will prove the statement right in my case also.
    Thank you once again.

  30. Thanks so much for the webinar, Sara. I find your calm teaching style, frankness and lack of “hype” very appealing. While I can’t say I really learned anything I didn’t already know today (I’m an Easy Paycheck Formula student), being reminded to think about a few key concepts will no doubt help my efforts going forward. Thanks, again!

  31. Dear Sara,
    your Q and A was great. You answered questions directly, understandably couldn’t go really deep because you were limited with time. Maybe in the future you will make separate webinars about specific topic (e.g. finding good keywords, troubleshooting etc). I especially liked your sentence: don’t let anything stop you- this is really true and much too often people get discouraged, decide to give up and then justify it by saying: it doesn’t work for me.
    Thank you for caring enough for all your students and taking time away from your private life on Sunday (that is a commitment)!So your timing and everything was excellent!

  32. Sarah,
    I thank you for takng the time to share with us more insight into affiliate marketing… I have had the course for a while but was confused how to get started… the fear overwhelmed me and I just didn’t do anything…
    A friend of mine called me this week and was excited about how well he was doing at “affiliate marketing” and also shared some insights.

    So I decided to come back and try this in 2011. I listened to you speak today and having gone thru the course and then you answering some of the questions (that I even had) filled in many blanks for me…and the light bulb LITE… Now I get it.

    Had it not been for this webinar I don’t know if I would have come back… Look for me in the near future…with positive results…
    Thanks again.

  33. Sara,
    It is really nice to have you interact with us on a Q+A webinar.Your teaching style is easy to follow.
    The fact that you have been working online since 1994 speaks for itself!
    Thank you,

  34. Sara,

    First off, I must comment on you in general. Your availability to answer my questions via emails and others is second to none. Your attention to details and the clear how-to on how to make money is really great on the information and as a person who bought MANY products online, this is by far one of the greater one.

    The Q&A today was fun, authentic and had much information on it. I learned about how it is useful to have a list for a certain product in case of a future sale. I never understood why people put up a list for shoes let’s say..but now I get it. More so, you can find relevant products to campaign to the list and being helpful.

    I guess if I would offer some sort of feedback, is to pre-arrange all the questions and sort of do it like one lesson combining all the questions. But at the same time, this gave it a more real approach and feel to it.

    But the one thing that stuck out with me is, however simple, that no matter what, you must make it work, you must have s strong desire to succeed and do what matters even if you don’t like it.

    Amazon tries to block you out…find another way to do it, another company. Family tries to insert doubt into you, no matter how much they care, do what it takes to prove that it is real. Just look at others and see what is possible.

    I can make it work, only if I will.

    This is probably the biggest takeaway from it all.

    Thank you.

  35. Sara,
    Your webinar was the very first live webinar I’ve ever attended. You did wonderful. I did learn some things I needed to know to keep me moving in Easy Paycheck Formula. I truly believe in your motto of “DON’T LET ANYTHING STOP YOU!!” I’ve got the internet marketing fever and NOTHING will stop me. And actually hearing your voice live like this has even further cemented my belief that even I can do this. Thank you so much.

    p.s. I, too, would like to see you do a training course for creating my own personal website.

    Thanks again,
    Therese ;}

  36. Hi Sara,

    I really enjoyed your webinar and I hope you got the feedback and inspiration for your next product. I love your straight- forward-no-fuss style and I completely trust you to help me and others to be successful online.


  37. Hi Sara,

    You did a great job on the webinar, be good if you could find the time to do it again. Good to know I’m not the only one with questions and I love the advice about “don’t let anything stop you” it is so true. My biggest obstacle is content creation and the constant put downs from close family that this is never going to work and I should go out and find a “proper” job. I won’t be stopping even though my success so far has been very limited. You are an inspiration.

    Thank you.

  38. Hi Sara,

    I wanted to take the time to thank you for offering the webinar on Easy Paycheck Formula today.

    I have to say that this program is the best program I have purchased and has finally made me an affiliate income earner. I followed your easy step by step directions and the day after my first product article was published I began earning affiliate commission. I have to say that this was in early November so the fact that the holidays were fast approaching was certainly a plus on my side. Now that the holidays are over, however, I am still earning on my chosen keyword.

    I have contacted your helpdesk several times with questions and have always received a timely response. And always helpful.

    The webinar was a great way to connect with you and I hope you do consider doing more of them.

    Thank you for your time and your knowledge.

  39. Sara,

    Love your sincere and humble approach to helping others. I feel liberated now that you shared your insights about affiliate marketing online. I am going to pursue this business model thanks to you. I appreciate it so much.

  40. I thank you for your time and energy today. You were an inspiration to keep plugging ahead and reaching forward to attain my goals for success.I really appreciate your straightforward approach and honesty. It is good to know that there is someone out there willing to be honest and not just make a sale–someone willing to support others integrity. Thanks for giving me permission to be myself and maintain my values. As a mother of four myself, you have given me inspiration and tools to move forward. Thank you.

  41. Thanks for the webinar:
    It is refreshing to find Honesty in an internet marketer. I picked up on some ideas that will help me increase my bottom line and it encouraged me to put my knowledge to use. I realized just how much knowledge I have and I am going to turn it into cash

    Thanks again

  42. Enjoyed your webinar. You are very clear and honest when you explain things. You covered a lot of topics in a short while. I have asked your help desk a couple of questions and got prompt replies. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

  43. Hi Sara,

    Congratulations on an excellent webinar, I hope this won’t be the last one. You really do seem to care about us.
    One thing I wanted to add about the mindset: I’ve been online for more than two years, making my first steps as affiliate. There’s one thing that will get you through – persistence. I will make a lot of mistakes before I make it on the internet but without persistence I have no chance of ever getting there. The road gets rough sometimes – you must persist. My advice to everyone – get the Easy Paycheck Formula – a product that takes you by the hand each and every step of the way – and stay with it until you succeed.

    Looking forward to your next webinar.

  44. Hi Sara,

    Thank you for your Q and A seminar, I found it a very refreshing and down to earth webinar, for a change.
    I have been in to Internet Marketing about a year now and just beginning to make money. I have purchased and tried many products, the vast majority have been a waste of time and money.
    Little by little I have found systems and strategies that I like and are beginning to work for me.
    The one, main thing I got from your webinar is that you have to be persistent and never give up. This is oh so true.
    Many times when things didn’t work out I was ready to through in the towel, but, fortunately I didn’t.
    It was great and refreshing to hear you say that, because if there is one single formula for success it is that, never give up.
    Hope you decide to do more Q and A’s.

  45. Good morning Sara,

    I am in Southern california and started my day with you. Thanks for a great webinar!! Love your straight forwardness and honesty and your pace of talking!! Was able to easily take notes and grasp everything you said. I listened today because I haven’t started your program yet even though I have been a member for a couple of months. You inspired me to get going and let nothing stop me from my goals. Great way to start the new year. Thanks for caring about us and please do another webinar. You are inspiring!!


  46. I am always surprised at how much I learn from everything you do. I am a senior citizen who has absolutely no computer skills, and yet I learn from everything you teach from easy paycheck formula to your webinar today. I was afraid to purchase your product because money is tight, but it was well worth it. No money from Amazon yet, but not your fault, I need to sit down everyday and just do something. I get so flustered I do not know where to start. Again Thank you very much for being the real deal and not ever scamming people. I hope the new year brings you and your family good health and much happiness.


  47. Thank you so much for having this webinar I am the one who purchased your product but to be honest I have been afraid to fail, so never started. It was so good to hear your encouragement and I am going to start the course today! I am tired of trying to please bosses and hate the politics of working for the “man”. So your good word to do what you are afraid of was what I personally needed.

  48. Hi Sara,

    I have been on 100’s of webinars and I tell you that you did execellent. Trust me I have seen and heard some total flop’s. It’s very refreshing to actualy see someone who will take the time to do this. Most of these so called Guru’s are just in it for their money and not to help anyone else. You can hear it in your voice you care about people and really want to help them succeed. So I thank you for that… you really have a way of taking away some of the frustration that come with this business.

    Thanks Greg

  49. Loved the webinar – especially the part about your mindset. Don’t let anything stand in your way – Be determined to make money online and keep trying.

    I always thought you loved article writing and was happy to learn you don’t really love it and outsource alot.

    You keep it simple and don’t make alot of crazy promises like other marketers, but you confirm that it does work and you just need to keep trying and contact the help desk when you need assistance. Its often just a tiny thing that needs correcting to start making money.

    I loved that you said you didn’t want to do a webinar but now that you did it you really like it. I find that alot with myself. I’m fearful but once I do it I’m so proud of what I’ve done and I realize it was not that hard. My confidence has grown in small steps and that is what everybody needs to do – take small steps every day if possible – make a list of goals. Maybe do a webinar on your goal setting.

    Love the inspiration and information on the webinar.

    Thanks again,

  50. Thanks for a great webinar. You did really well for your first time around. Congratulations!
    The questions you answered were a great mix of beginner, intermediate and advanced. Your answers were clear. And if you didn’t know the answer you said so! There is too little of that these days.
    On the Mindset section, it might have been useful to spend a little more time on that topic. Mindset is really key to being successful or not. It is probably the most important part of doing any business successfully.
    I was wondering if it would be possible to connect to the people who live in our areas, states or countries, either on a forum or by actually meeting. When people who are learning the same thing get together it can reinforce the experience for everyone and actually increase the likelihood of success.
    Thanks again for a terrific webinar. I look forward to the next one.

  51. Thank you, Sara, for your webinar!

    I am a high-school teacher of economics and I am looking for my way to making money online for almost a year. I purchased your EPCF but didn´t take any action yet. Today I finally decided that I am gonna do it! Thank you for helping me make that decision! 🙂

    So, once again – thank you and I am looking forward to your future webinars. And I am especially looking forward to sending you an email and telling you about my first sale. :-))

    All the best!


  52. great webinar, unfortunately it was to short, maybe next time make it 2hours instead….
    I’ve been going through paycheck formula course at my own pace, and got stuck with product keywords issues, however by listening to the webinar i have learned other ways to go around it and will follow the advise.

    thank you very much Sara, there’s a lot of scammers out there, but i truly believe your program is not one of them, you have given key points during the whole webinar, and I hope to attend other webinar in the near future.

  53. Thanks for taking your time to share. I appreciated something you kept stressing in the mindset portion of the call – To not let anything stop me.

    It can be discouraging to do a huge amount of work and see NO results. Also, you mentioned to do what works. For me, your encouragement translates into shifting focus into an offline business that I thrive on and has been very successful whenever I have been able to do it – designing and creating custom fountains. The reward to ‘work’ ratio is fantastic, but I have often thought I can’t go forward because of circumstances that seem to impede my progress. But I’m making a resolution to not let anything stop me. So thanks again.

    As a side note, I will continue to put energy into IM, but only as an adjunct to my interests.

  54. Hey Sarah

    Great webinar; it helped me to better understand Easy Pay Check Formula better; since I already created my first blogger blog and I am getting ready for the product selection I really love the encouragement. I enjoyed comments on mind set and not allowing anything to stop you from making money online. Great advice…

    On the questions, you did a great job and you were kind enough to answer as much as possible. NOW, I would suggest to answer the question a little faster (I do not mean to speak fast), but not commenting too much on the question, but just answering.

    I would to see another when ever you can. I am really excited about the future with Easy Pay Check Formula. Thank God for you.


  55. I first want to say how much I enjoyed the webinar. I’m one of these people that takes a long time to do things because I want to hit a home run on the first shot. Because of this I have procrastinated for along time. After hearing your encouragement I believe I will be able to do this. BTW, thank you for answering one of my questions. After I submitted it I realized I should go through the rest of the course even if I wasn’t ready to do the later steps. There were a lot of questions that I had that other people asked and so I really got a lot out of the webinar. I’ve signed up for lots of webinars for other products but never stay to listen preferring to wait for the the replay. I was glad I decided to stay for the whole and I want to commend you being such for being such a good teacher and I sense that you really do want all of us to succeed. Thanks for doing this and please do it again. I have questions concerning my website but I will submit them to the help desk. Thanks again

  56. Hi Sara

    Thanks for the webinar.

    What I learn’t from the webinar is that I should be persistent and not allow anything to stop me. I am not much of a technical person and have been getting problems with creating a landing page. It was things like that – that you mentioned not to stop us. I will submit a ticket to the help desk.

    I think probably have a 2 hour slot next time or if you can’t, you could share what you have to say before answering questions. I know if you had more time you would have been able to share more on the mindset of making money.

    Having said that, I learn’t a lot from the questions asked. Such as the one about number of articles per keywords and the type of title to use for your articles.

    One question though, is there anything specific that you are teaching your steriod students that you are not teaching us that purchased only the EPF?

    • Yes. Steroids students get a new package each month that helps them make even more money from Easy Paycheck Formula. The first month helps them find more good keywords, the second teaches how to write converting articles really fast, etc.

  57. Sara, first of all im really sorry that I only made the last 5 minutes of your first webinar.. I got hear the last 5 mins at least..

    I really hope you do another one. Seriously. Your course is really great.

    A friend and i have an idea about starting a business using your strategies and creating an ebook.. Again, I wish I could have made it to the webinar so I could have asked you this..

    In the past 3 years doing affiliate marketing you have helped me make the most ever online thus far.. and im very grateful. The work your doing is affecting many.

    My friend and I are looking to make a business online and i could really use/need your help. I am planning on emailing you in your members area about this.. but i will make things short and sweet as i can imagine your time is valuable.



  58. Feedback from the Webinar:

    Thank you for your time. I think this is a very good idea to have follow-up training Webinars. By connecting with your list members it personalizes you and touches in many ways. Ways that can not easily be done otherwise.

    Many product developers don’t connect after the sale. Having a great Helpdesk is essential and you do have that, but many people need that extra “Connection” because the minute they open their email – sure enough – there will be the greatest “new bright shiny object” telling them that article marketing is dead. The fear factor now kicks in and they simply stop in confusion.

    If you keep connecting this way or through other personal ways, your sales will skyrocket as your belief in article marketing will shine through.

    I buy good products because I see this as my four year University education plus I have a specific goal that is in play. I am very leery whom I buy from as I am a student and students should only get or buy good products/services as money is limited.

    You are doing a great service. I look forward to hearing more from you as you bring forth your knowledge base.

    You are needed out there in the IM jungle.



  59. Hello Sara,
    Much like your Easy Paycheck Formula teaching methods, which unlike others I have purchased, is simple to understand and easy to apply. As a result of the simplicity of your instructions, I was able to obtain Platinum status in Ezinearticles on my first attempt. Likewise, your answers to our questions during the Q&A were straight forward, clear to understand and I believe, very helpful to us all. Thanks very much and I hope that you will be able to do a Q&A session again soon.

    Best regards,

    Marshal Gent

  60. There’s something special about a person who believes in you more than you believe in yourself, and Sara is that kind of person.

    She took time out of her Sunday to reach out to us and offer to help us by addressing our questions and “stuck” points. This was like having a mentor’s time but not having to pay for it.

    I’m an Easy Paycheck Formula customer who let it collect dust on my digital shelf but after this webinar, I’m carving out time to start to go through it because I feel it is doable (that’s why I bought it in the first place.)

    The responsibility for taking action in ours, but Sara’s EPF is a complete system that we can follow right through to success.

    I’m going to tackle this info right after writing this post b/c I made the conscious choice and now I’ll follow through.

    What Sara said rang true for me — that I read or heard resons why this thing or that thing won’t work anymore b/c of this rule or that change in google or Yahoo…

    When there are real people like her earning right now despite what is being said—she says it and well I believe her.

    My fears were things like legal “what ifs” and rules and yes, even taxes… But what did she advise? For us to work through those things; fidn out how to deal with them and just do it — even if we are uncomfortable or don’t like certaing parts.

    Sara you helped me realize that affiliate marketing is something I can and should do regardless of what amount of time I have to put in it. I can set aside SOME time and tackle this thing in bits. So that’s what I’m going to strive to do.

    Thanks for the kick —

  61. Thanks for a really informative Webinar today Sara.
    I love Easypaycheck, it handholds you every step of the way.
    Does the course work? So far, for me, absolutely.
    As a total ‘newbie’ to internet marketing, I followed your guidelines exactly, and in doing so I have achieved Ezine Platinum author status and became an approved Amazon Associate in my first 13 days of starting the course proper.
    I couldn’t have done that without EPCF. I can’t help but be very very confident for the future.
    Thanks again for a great product.

  62. Sara,

    Thanks for the webinar. It reinstateed my faith in human beings. Your approach is fresh, original and unassuming. I am convinced that you are doing well, becaue you approach your goal with honesty and “pureness” of intent.

    Although I have not made one cent with EasyPaychech, I know if I hone my technique, it will pay off.

    I would suggest that in future Webinars, you concentrate on one topic only. I was very interested in learning more about driving more traffic to my landing page, as you described using RSS feeds and Social Bookmarking and perhaps other SEO techniques. I vote you do a Webinar on that one time.

    Be well,

  63. Sara, I only got to hear part of the webinar, but what I heard continues to motivate me. I have struggled with getting going. I am a novice to web speak, somewhat OCD and probably get caught up in the minutia to quickly. But once I get it, I’m unstoppable. In any event, I won’t give up. I would love to listen to the entire webinar. Can you send it to me or re-broadcast it?

  64. Your first Q&A and my first webinar and I think we both learned alot. I know you learned that there are lots of us wanting to make money online with a ton of questions on how to do it. And I learned that following one mentor who is ethical, precise, and clear in training and helping people achieve their goals is the way to go. So hello mentor! Thanks for doing the webinar and being available to help your students along their journey. Here’s hoping 2011 will be prosperous for all of us!

  65. Thanks, Sara, for the Q&A session. You did an excellent job and filled the time well.

    The one thing you said that resonated with me was in relation to choosing the best product. I highlighted in my notes, “Don’t over think it. Take action!” I’m an information junkie and tend to over-analyze everything instead of just moving on with the program. I know that’s my biggest fault, so it was very good to hear “take action” as advice from an expert. Thank you for the reminder!

    I hope you will seriously consider the subject of how to set up your own website, especially as a next step in the Easy Paycheck Formula system, when you’re narrowing down a topic for your next course. You do such an excellent job demonstrating how to do things step by step on your videos and I think that topic would lend itself very well to a video format.

    Thanks again for your time, your advice, and your willingness to share.

  66. Sara, for me the webinar was all about encouragement. You have given me the strength to go on! I’ve been scammed and abused by faceless “gurus” who don’t have the guts to show their faces. You are like something out of a dream. Thank you for the awesome q&a and all your efforts. My Saturday is a little brighter because of it. I’m not giving up!

  67. Thanks Sara for this very informative Webinar. And thanks for having a real genuine interest in helping people. I couldn’t believe when I purchased Easy Paycheck Formula that you actually answer questions that people have about your product and offer help in general. Thanks again!

  68. Thanks so much, Sara, for spending time with those of us who value what you have to say and recommend. Just knowing you have been making online since the mid-90s speaks volumes about your knowledge and insight to marketing online. It’s so easy to get distracted over and over again on a daily basis and forget why I even turned on my computer.

    I’m working very hard on focus this year – and you reminded me that if I just focus on one formula, in this case Easy Paycheck Formula, I can work through many barriers of distraction and fine tune my skills. I know I have them… I just need to rediscover them.

    PS. Great way to build Google love – encouraging comments. I really like how you did this. 🙂


  69. Sara, Thank you! I enjoyed the call, and see it as a ‘reality check’. I have never made any money on-line yet, but I know that it is because one needs to apply themselves. It is not magic, and some hard work, and of course taking action is key. I’ve purchased ‘Easy Paycheck Formula’, but have been hung up on trying to write ten articles so that my writing rating is higher. Well, you know life stuff got in the way, and I have procrastinated. It just needs to be a priority, and I am 100% convinced that anyone can make on-line. Thanks again for helping me to revisit the important aspects of my life. Bob.

  70. Hi Sara
    Sad to say I am one of those who has bought almost every shiny object out there and have been trying for about 15 months without being able to build a list or make a sale. During this time I have learned a lot about setting up websites, WordPress, Squeeze pages, Autoresponders, tracking, marketing theory etc. and yet still cannot get traffic to my squeeze pages. I bought Easy Paycheck Formula some time ago but never actually followed the steps. I have just attended your webinar, which was great by the way, and I have now resolved to go step by step through your program and hope that this time will be the charm for me.

    Warm wishes

  71. Hello Sara,

    I would never have guessed that this was your first Q&A call. But I know I should not be surprised that it was so worthwhile. Everything about Easy Paycheck Formula has been incredibly helpful. Your genuine desire to help us succeed really came through on this call. After struggling for so many years, I feel like I’ve finally found some real guidance to help me cut through all the confusion of how to earn money online. Lately I’ve been discouraged over my lack of time (and sometimes … energy) to devote to this, so your section on “Mindset” today really helped me the most when you said “Don’t let anything stop you”; and “there is no easy 1,2,3, … you just have to apply yourself and learn to do it”. I felt like you were talking directly to me! Another interesting comment was to “make sure any products we buy online have good support”. Since I’ve already made use of your support desk a few times and had the help of both you and Eddie, I can say that there is no better program out there than EPF, when it comes to support — and I think today’s Q&A session was indicative of that support. I could go on and on about what I learned today (I took 6 legal-sized pages of notes!). But it was interesting to me that a number of the questions asked today are already answered for us in EPF. I know that, like me, a number of the attendees have probably not made our way through the entire course yet. But it was a valuable reminder of how thoroughly packed the course is with the information we need to succeed — just like today’s Q&A session was. I hope you’ll do more of these. Thanks, Sara!

  72. This was Sara’s 1st webinar and it is the only one I have heard where the session was just questions and answers. No selling or promoting someone elses product.

    I came away from the Q&A session with the following thoughts:
    1.) Be persistent in what you do, don’t let road blocks stop you from achieving your goals. Find a way to overcome these road blocks. Sara has an excellent support system, she even took time off from promoting her own product to provide support to those who bought the course. Who else would do that?
    2.)Treat your business as a business, there are no magic bullets or short cuts. Build your business at first using Easy Paycheck Formula.The course does not require any additional expenses to make money on-line.
    3.) Her course will give you the experience and motivation to eventually upscale.
    4.) Doing something and not being afraid is what makes the winners from the losers.

  73. By the way, I have been working the EPF to the letter. I’ve begun my Ezine article writing to get to platinum status, made of list of products, and created a blogger blog. Still working on all my lessons so that I can put all the pieces together as you have instructed. Thanks for making it clear (even if it takes me 2 or 3 times of review for my bulb to light up).

  74. I posted one comment, but I wanted to make another one. I live in the USA on Central time. The webinar was posted as 12pm EST. I thought it was odd that you would have a seminar at that time. When you started the webinar, you said you wanted to get started at seven. Somewhere in my mind, I knew that you don’t live in the USA. This webinar could be at any time of day depending on where we live. You still were able to answer the questions people from Illinois had concerning Amazon. I think it is great that you can even answer questions that don’t pertain to your country. It is great that people from all over the world can learn from you.

  75. Hi Sara, thank you for holding this Q&A session, I really enjoyed it and look forward to the next one.

    I have had EPF plus steroids for a while now and have not really got started yet. As you said, if we overthink everything, we will end up not doing anything, and I certainly fall into that category. I was kind of glad to learn that I am not the only one who gets hung up on article writing, and I have allowed this to stall me.

    Thank you for the encouragement – I am pinning a reminder above my workstation that says in big bold letters: ‘Just Do It!’

  76. Sara, I am a 67 year old woman who knew nothing about anything! First your coarse was so EASY and clear that even I got it!Living on social security was not enough. Your coarse changed all that. An old dog CAN learn new tricks when step by step instructions are as good as Easy Pay Check Formula.

    The webinar today was to the point with no wasted time going down any rabbit trails. It was encouraging and I came away with the commitment to do things that I might not like to do, which was a wonderful point that you made today. The final thought that you conveyed was that no matter the obstacles- never ever,ever,ever give up!

  77. My suggestion is to state the rules at the beginning, and perhaps put them on line before the start, and then be done with them. If you are not ready to answer questions about how to build a web site, and it says so in the rules, then more questons can be answered in the time you have to take to tell people you won’t answer those questions. (hope that is clear!)
    Also, let the late birds be missing out. Those who chose to come early or at least on time, had to wait 7 minutes before the first question was gotten to. “Too bad, late birds. Be on time next time, Sara means what she says!” If the meeting starts at 7, sara starts at 7.

    It was really good, and I appreciate your time.

  78. You have a great voice for doing webinars…very easy to listen to and understand. The most important thing i got from this webinar was hearing you talk about the focus and desire one needs to have to be successful and that being extremely motivated is the key to achieving your goals.


  79. Hi,
    I just wanted to say thank you so much, Sara! You are amazing! I really really loved the Webinar. You always know how to explain everything so clearly and good! I also wanted to say that your course is one of the BEST courses I have ever bought! (I bought a lot of courses!) And your I loved the most.
    What’s great about your course is that it is really easy to understand. You made it short and simple. Some of the courses that I bought seemed so good but then they had so many videos to watch and it was complicated!
    I am so happy that I got your course! I want to really really thank you for all the hard work you did to make your course so GREAT! 🙂
    Thanks for the informative webinar!
    I hope you will make more webinars in the near future.
    To all of you. who still don’t know if to buy this course (Easy Paycheck Formula) or not… I highly recommend it! You have nothing to lose! You have a 60-day money back guarantee. It’s one of the BEST courses you can find for Internet marketing!
    Sara is wonderful! She is a great teacher/coach! I promise you that you will love her course just like did! (and still do, as you can see).
    I wish you all the best on your Internet business!
    Remember! just like Sara said! don’t let anything stop you from making money on the Internet! If you believe you can make it, then you can!
    Good Luck!

  80. Dear Sara I just want to say thank you, for this great opportunity and I’m specially surprised by the amazing feedback you provide so polite, warm, thoughtful, you truly show an interest for your students needs and progress I really wasn’t expecting any of that and I it has been really motivating to receive it. Your program is full of detail and it is very easy to understand and follow, it is so pleasant to find honest people like you online that actually offers something that works.
    The webinar was great another kind gesture on your side, this is also why you had been so successful because your motives are clear and honest.
    All my best wishes to you and your family keep on with the good work, take care, farewell. 🙂

  81. Hi Sara:

    I enjoyed the Webinar today. Great job! I appreciate your frank and honest manner. I’m with Sally when it comes to your emails. I, too, am always glad to see them and know they will be worth opening. (When someone sends an email every day, you know they are NOT worth opening. :-))

    I actually bought Easy Paycheck Formula for my husband, but he had become discouraged by all the hype out there and although he had listened to your preview video and liked you, he didn’t have the drive to try it out. I also upgraded for a month or two but had to let that go for now. I was actually telling my teenage grandson, just last night, about EPF because he was wondering how he might make some money online. So I was excited today to see that you were doing a webinar. It gave me a boost.

    I’ve been studying online marketing for over a year (along with running my Special Care Home)and wish I’d come across you much sooner. Your teaching is very easy to understand. I had never heard about “buying” keywords before and it made so much sense. I got to the lesson on creating articles and have spent some time learning to do that. I guess I need to get back on track.

    I look forward to your next webinar. You are very refreshing. Keep up the good work!

    Rhonda Tardif

  82. Thank you so much for your time. i really appreciate people that are in a business and TAKE CARE OF IT personally. it makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE and it makes you TRUST the person.
    the only reason i couldnt buy your course yet is because I PROMISE i still never had $47 to buy it. i am unemployed, and about to get in foreclosure of my house i already have for 12 years!!! and i cant even pay my bills!! i get the disconnect notice all the time!! and whenever i try to get money form somewhere its ALWAYS to either buy food of pay the necessary bills u cant live w/o. its so SCARY!! and i dont know what to do cause if i dont have those $47, how do i make money? and if i dont make money how do i pay the $47. it a maze w/ no way out.

    the best thing i learned about what you said today is that google is ok with using the same article and post it in different places. i really thought they didnt like it and that you HAD to have some kind of article spinner or sth for each to post it differently EACH TIME. thanks for that info!!!
    i already sent you an email or wrote you SOMEWHERE that i ABSOLUTELY LOVE the way you talk slow and clear. i think you are the ONLY ONE online that does that and thats why i am following you. it feels as if your profession is a kindergarten teacher where you talk to your students in a way that they WILL understand it FOR SURE.
    i think you are a very honest and direct person and i will be the same way with you today. i will tell you how i feel about the webinar today and maybe help you see things that u may not realize when u are live.
    i like everything, but as the webinar is short, it should be more “rehearsed” maybe in a way so that you dont have to hesitate what question to answer or not about the ones you already HAD. i felt that there were too many silent gaps and i like what u say SO MUCH that i’d like to make the MOST out of the hr and there is no time to WASTE in silence!!!!!. i’d rather you TALK cause you have GOOD THINGS to say. u understand what i mean??!! when i heard so many silent spaces in between i has ANXIOUS for you to start SPEAKING!! and the questions people asked are not very USEFUL, meaning that most of the answers you gave were the same which is : “if you go to the ‘easy paycheck formula’ i talk about it and explain it there”. and i feel that if there was no real answer to that question (because it was ALREADY ANSWERED in the package), it should have been avoided and maybe read another one that was more useful to all listeners (like for example things that are NOT mentioned in the package ALREADY). an example was the person that said that has your package and never used it cause she doenst know where to start. i find that question USELESS. if SHE HAS the package and you PROVIDE a STEP BY STEP tutorial, WHAT DOES SHE MEAN THAT SHE DOESNT KNOW WHERE TO START. it does not MAKE SENSE. and, as u well answered : “follow my steps its all there you’ll know how to do it”. IT WAS KINDA LIKE A WASTE OF THE PRECIOUS TIME YOU COULD PROVIDE US WITH YOUR GREAT THINGS YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO SAY W STH MEANINGFUL and PUT ASIDE questions LIKE THIS ONE from people that ask things that make no sense. and like this example, were many of them. i dont know if i know how to express myself, i hope u understand what i mean.
    and the one other thing i felt is that some things were repeated too many times, and AGAIN…, i’d rather you use the valuable time you give us to say DIFFERENT THINGS AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. MAYBE a good idea would be that if you see that many questions will need the SAME ANSWER,(like they did), maybe just say: “all these questions i’m gonna read now require the same answer, so i’m gonna read the list of questions one after another first and then give the same answer to all of them”. sth like that. so in that way you save a lot of time and you can make better use of a shot time. and then just an idea…
    well, there you have my review ( ‘+’ ) thats a fat face blowing a kiss by the way… HAHA!!!

  83. Hi Sara,

    Although I only purchased EPF a week ago I have learned so much even though I have been in IM for two years now. Thank you for answering my question and for been clear and concise in your replies.
    I enjoyed the “Mind Set” section very much, like many people procrastination is my biggest failing, and you make it so easy to avoid it with your clear instructions. I would like to see a little more time if possible given to this topic the next time.
    It it obvious from the comments above you are very much loved and appreciated by all those who have bought your product. Keep up the good work.

  84. Hi Sara,

    Really enjoyed your webinar and I love your “down-to-earth”
    approach! I also appreciate that you didn’t end with a sales
    pitch, as do most webinar presenters.

    It would be very helpful if you could do a future webinar
    just for Easypaycheck customers in which you could “drill-down” a bit more on various areas of the formula.

    Thanks so much, YOU ROCK!!

  85. Thank you Sara for all of your wisdom. It is great to really be able to follow someone who has made money online and really is concerned with everyone who purchases her product. Your honesty and commitment to everyone who buys your product is to be commended.

  86. Sara, you did a wonderful job on the webinar!

    You answered as many questions as you could in a clear concise manner.

    I like your easy to follow step by step instructions in both of your programs “Easy Paycheck Formula” and Easy Paycheck Formula On Steroids”.

    I followed your instructions on writing my first 10 articles right away. Didn’t want to but, did it anyway. I have found that if I kept at it and did something everyday – I had more traffic and made more money. Just like you said!

    I appreciate the time and effort you put into everything you do for us. Thank you very much for not sending out affiliate offers from other marketers! You let us concentrate on the program we purchased (yours).

  87. Hi Sara,

    Thanks for the webinar. It’s good to hear from you again after some time out. A computer glitch my end meant I couldn’t say hi or respond/question during the session but I could hear everything.

    I think the best thing to come out of the webinar that I and I’m sure others have taken away from the webinar is the inspiration to keep going. To never give up. You have a rare gift of giving people the faith that if thay follow your lessons then they will succeed.

    I’ve been looking for a way to make money online for a long time and my criteria were that it wouldn’t cost me money to set up. I think I’ve found it at last in EPF. Yes I am making sales, if not a great deal of money yet.

    The biggest problem I have had is finding the motivation to take action, to know exactly what I should do. It’s easy to become confused when presented with so many different methods of making money by so many marketers. All those big egos seem to get in the way of a clear strategy.

    In the epf course material the fog of confusion disappears as you present a clear roadmap. We might go off course now and then and it’s good to know that support is available if needed through the helpdesk.

    The webinar too helped to reinforce the info in EPF and will help keep me on track I think.I was most interested to hear quetions about how to increase sales once a campaign is successful and what to do next – ie own domain etc.

    One thing I can suggest you do different is maybe provide some more examples of well written articles. (Perhaps the templates offered in EPF on steroids would help too, but I can’t afford that subscription yet)

    What don’t I like about EPF?
    The name! Apart from that …nothing. But please don’t change it again.

    kind regards

  88. Hi Sara,

    What an awesome webinare!
    I liked the fact that you eliminated lots of stuff that people hear about, that they have to do to earn money online. Like having a list… even if it is a bonus if one builds a list.

    And what I liked most was the “don’t give up” part… thanks for reminding me about – don’t let anything stop me! – and also that I should try hanging out more with people that are making money online rather than talk with family and friends that keep tell me that I can’t make money online and I am just wasting my time and money…


    Thank you,

    Atheer 🙂

  89. Sara, I enjoyed your presentation very much. As a new stay at home trucker I can tell you that finding my way around the internet is every bit as challenging as driving through downtown Chicago. I appreciate hearing the advice and comments. I have been careful of the “products” that I have spent money on to learn affiliate marketing as I view most of them as a gamble, however your approach is the equivalent of a good home cooked meal to a hungry trucker. Your question and answer webinar was a personal mile marker for me as it gave me some idea as to where I’ve been and where I’m going. I am confident that I will arrive at my destination and make my first sale before my expected e.t.a. You are a great driver manager for the new internet trucker. Without your guidance and personal interest I am sure I would be experiencing a lot more “down time”. Thanks for stepping out of the office to make sure I’ve got everything I need to make this new journey profitable, successful and safe. Your personal interest is truly exemplary.

  90. Nice one Sara,

    It takes a lot to devote your free time to us on a Sunday. I’m sure that everyone appreciates it.

    I personally have taken three things out of the webinar which will spur me on to greater things.

    I hope there are many more to follow because, if nothing else, it re-assures your customers that you are “real” and that you care about our future success.

    Kind regards,

  91. its me again. i am here sitting and still thinking about your way of teaching and speaking, and i swear ITS ADDICTIVE!!!!!!!!! i feel i want MORE of you cause you are so clearrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. it drives me crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your VOICE helps too. you have a VERY DISTINCTIVE VOICE!!
    its like you are the ONLY TEACHER i ever WANTED TO HEAR MORE OF!! i never had that feeling before growing up!!!
    i already saw all your free vids in your blog more than once. now i feel i wanna watch them again!!
    sorry.. i just had to express that!!!! i couldnt contain myself.

  92. Sara, I get hundreds of JV internet income programs a day. It is very time consuming to watch all the videos from these programs. I believe many of these programs would earn an income for me if I could only get out of my way and implement the desired processes as guidelined. Since signing on to EPF in August and reading an avalanche of programs of every conceivable type that followed, I would always come back to the Easy Paycheck Formula method as the clearest and most honest way to make money online. My persistence with EPF will prevail in the end, because the course is so easy to understand and the customer support is available. Thanks for the Q&A session. It’s a step forward for everyone.

  93. Hi Sara,

    Thanks for this great webinar and for the wonderful training package you’ve put together with EPF. It’s great how you answer everyone’s questions specifically and offer everyone to email you with any real questions that they have. All you leave up to us is to actually take action and make it happen!

    All the Best,

  94. I already posted a comment earlier and after writing the comment and put some time in my journal…your message became clearer and clearer to me.

    I believe many of us don’t need to know the how-to, because there are plenty of how-to around us and yours definitely in the “this is how you do it, now go do it”. Many of us even know that we want to do it and we should do it. But the one thing that many of us lack, the one thing that we don’t have is the “inspiration” to start. The standing on one side of the scale desire that this is it and I am going to give it my all.

    To learn more about your story, how you started to succeed because making money online became a MUST to you. Because it became a MUST…you went ahead, stood on one side of the scale and did it big.

    You understood the “Head, Mouth, Hands” formula that Frank Kern talks about and truth is, everyone talks about. And that is what you think results in what you say which results in what you do. You had that strong desire and you did it.

    To me, just listening to the Q&A showed me the possibilities of just doing it, of making it work, of now allowing things that are not in your control to control you.

    Of course, once again, quite a few valuable ideas in the Q&A from what works now to more how-to. And ya know what also stuck with me Sara, you didn’t want to send out another email to the list because you already sent a few the past 2-3 days…that is honesty and kindness and respecting us, as the people on your list. That is indeed a valuable lesson as so many others just blast their list with more and more sales with no value. And here you are giving it all. I like that a lot.

    Thank you again Sara for all. I surely, together with everyone here appreciate it.

  95. Hi Sara,

    I am one of your students, and am thinking of buying the steroids program. My very first blog took about a month to get up and running just the way I wanted it. It is on Google on page 1 under Sleepypods, and on other pages in Google as well. If you thought you were scared to do your first webinar, you can understand how afraid I was to do this one-page blog.

    I am so very grateful to you. Now that I am learning more, I will be setting up more sites with products that people actually want.

    No matter what, keep teaching us, because you are the only one out there I have found so far that knows how to do it.

    Your webinar was a great success, and a further demonstration of your knowledge and integrity.


  96. Hi Again Sara,

    There was one more comment I meant to make in my earlier post. Almost every single webinar I’ve ever attended has tried to sell me something at the very end. More than a few were simply nothing more than blatant sales pitches with just one of two pieces of information of real value included. Often I feel like I just wasted an hour or more of my valuable time just to be sold something. It was so incredibly refreshing that your only motive today was simply to help us. I wish there were more Internet Marketers like you!


  97. Hi Sara,

    Thanks so much for a great webinar!

    I loved your delivery – laid-back, sincere and easy to follow. You’d never have known it was your first one. (You did say it was didn’t you?)

    I signed up with EPF a while ago and created a blogger blog which, by following all your instructions, is currently on page one of Google for my keyword, although I haven’t made any sales yet.

    I’m not discouraged though, because I know it may take a little while. But if I can get to page one and stay there by following your advice – which I have – you can bet I’m going to keep at it until I see some results and some $$ coming in!

    I really hope you get the chance to do more webinars, as I felt completely re-inspired, re-motivated and re-energised after listening, as I’m sure did everyone else!

    For me, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

    Sounds crazy, but just to listen to you in real-time re-affirmed what I know I want to do this year, which is to really get things moving with my online business.

    If ever there was an encouraging shove in the right direction, you’re it!

    Thanks again.

    Take care,


  98. Sara,

    Just wanted to say that I enjoyed the webinar you put together today. I like that fact that you tell it straight up and are very honest. It’s great to hear of your success and see your desire to help people become successful.

    I consider you a friend in the IM arena and I’m looking forward to more good info from you in the future.

    Thanks again,

    JR Gautreaux

  99. Many thanks for providing an alternative to unemployment and underemployment! I truly hope that we can bring back the economies of our countries, as all of us are suffering this.

    Your Easy Paycheck Formula Q & A was particularly important to my family because we live in the second highest unemployed state in the USA. Internet marketing from home will also be providing us with a solution to rising gas price because we live out in the country.

    I also hope to help others desperately looking to supplement their incomes, such as a friend who must leave our state each month to supplement her income just so her family won’t lose their home.

    I would like to see Easy Paycheck Formula provide a Q & A Webinar specifically about the online business entity when a person is first starting out.

    Perhaps this could be a JV interview with a CPA or a business attorney during a Webinar? I have been seeking this information for some time and would really like to see someone cover the basics. Attorney’s are just ridiculously expensive and unaffordable to those without start-up money.

  100. Hi Sara. I just wanted to make a follow up comment about the product article writing process. I wish you had several product article templates that your subscriber could use. It would help us starting out with EPF to make money faster and be able to afford the ‘Steroids’ program.


  101. Sara,
    I was unable to listen in before. I am really enjoying what you are doing here. Keep up the great work.
    Thanks for sharing your knowledge and I am looking forward to your future sessions.

  102. Thanks, Sara. I enjoyed your webinar very much. I think the main thing I got from it is the encouragement to go on writing articles and working on your easy paycheck formula. I wasn’t able to participate in the live webinar yesterday, but listening to the recording now was very helpful.

  103. Hi Sara,

    Sadly I missed the live call as I somehow missed seeing the notifications, but I’ve just enjoyed the recording. Everything has been said in the posts above, and I agree with it all – I have got sidetracked away from EPF by ‘bright shiny things’ but am returning to the fold…

    Thanks, and do it again soon!


  104. Sara,

    I also love your voice and how “down to earth” you sound. The most important thing that I took away from this call is Feel the Fear and DO IT ANYWAY!! My mantra has always been that Failure is NOT an Option… so this really fits in with that very well.

  105. hello Sara,
    Thanks for making a recording of the Webinar. I work nights and miss out on a lot of things going on during the day. The recording was very helpful to me. You said some things that were so familiar. Especially the one about family and friends saying making money on line is a scam. Mine have told me I am just wasting my time and money. To the point I have just quit talking about it. I believe in it and hope someday to show them all the results. I have found the article writing very difficult for me. I don’t know what to write about. I have gotten two articles approved so far and am working on a third.Thank you so much for your help, Connie

  106. I have a request that the links on your site open in another tab.

    However I love your style and you don’t seem like a marketer but somebody who truly likes to help others succeed.


  107. Thanks Sara, for recording the Webinar. As you can see it took me a few days to get to it. I like that you encourage us to keep moving forward and ask for help when we get stuck, and help us believe we can make money online. I started with your program and as soon as I started to get traffic I switched to doing my own website and got off course. So after listening to you talk again, I’m going back to your basics, and after I making money I hope to go to using my own web sites. It seems to me that if I can reduce the steps the customer has to take that this will exponetially increase my sales. Thanks for actually caring for your members. John

  108. Thanks Sara, for recording the Webinar. It was great to be able to listen to it in stages. When my brain started to weary, I could just turn off, and come back later to where I left off, but feeling fresher to continue with it.

    I liked your emphasis on finding a way around problems you may be experiencing. I had been thinking about outsourcing some things that were draining me, but felt a bit guilty about not sorting it out myself, but now I feel better about outsourcing. If something is creating an issue for me, and outsourcing gets me out of that stumbling block for the time being, then I tend to think this is the best way to go for the moment.


  109. 1/30/2011 4:12PM
    Thank you for senting as I missed the original webair. Found this useful.
    If the product your are promoting is to gain you a sale, do you need to know if keywordtool keywords is what to be used in your article. Or usage of both keywordtool of Google Keywords plus the keyword of the product with model#, color? Thus the competition of the affiliate marketing.

  110. Hello Sara…I enjoyed your January webinar immensely. You were so easy to follow and I particulary liked the way you demonstrated how to write articles at speed. I doubt that I will prograstinate ever again over writing articles to sell products, however, the ten articles to Ezine Articles is another story. My daughter and I have decided to write five each, that way, we will be able to start selling a lot sooner.
    One thing I would like to bring up is the timing of the webinar. Because I work fulltime and live in New Zealand, I will be at work when the webinar starts and it will be 8am Monday morning.It will not affect my daughter too much as she lives in Queensland, Australia and she will be able to watch it at 5am in the morning before she goes to work. My suggestion for following webinars is to perhaps start them at mid-day your time and I will catch them at 5am my time the following day… before I start work. Just a thought.
    Kindest regards.

  111. Hi Sara,

    I live in Jamaica and I recently bought your course and it is such a blessing to so many people around the world. I am not in the best situtation to apply your course at this moment but as soon as i can i will apply it. So many people or without jobs or hope and you are like a beacon to all.

    Thank God for you

  112. Thanks so much for putting the webinar up on your blogsite. I hate webinars because the dogs bark at the wrong moment, someone comes to the door or my son arrives home unexpectedly…it’s such a pleasure to be able to listen as convenient and pause when necessary. I found I often asked questions before you answer them, which is why I decided to listen to the whole course before doing all the practical work. I also encountered a bunch of new videos when I went into EPF again, so I must listen to them as well and fit in where each belongs (you labelled them differently), so I started taking notes so that I can find what I need when I need it. Now I must set up blogsites with product articles and realise how little confidence I have; a matter of being too scared to fail, I think. Wish me luck this week and thank you again.


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