What Works in Internet Marketing


If you have ever bought into a scam…

Or if you have ever worked hard on a strategy just to find out that it is outdated… or simply doesn’t work…

then you MUST watch the replay of Wednesday’s webinar.

It will show you the main 2 ways to earn an income online, and how to make sure you don’t get scammed along the way:


It is time to clean up the mess in internet marketing…

So help me spread the word!

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15 thoughts on “What Works in Internet Marketing”

  1. I do lots of Q&A for my group, Sarah, so I know how difficult it can be to sort through questions and deliver answers that pertain to the whole audience.

    You did a great job. Thanks for the invite!

  2. Hi Sara, I am trying to get into making money online. Right now I am in a very difficult financial situation and I am very desperate to try to make money right away. I would love to be able to be guided by you to get financial freedom. Please if you could reply thru my email to help me get out of this nightmare…. I thank you in advance and have a blessed day..

  3. This has been an excellent webinar. You’re a very good teacher. I have a friend that could really benefit from the information you presented in the beginning. I’m showing her how to use her computer and this is going to be very useful to her.
    I’ve been on your list for a long time and this may be the best webinar you’ve ever done, keep up the good work.

  4. Hi sarah I think it was so kind and generous to give your time etc to help people like us who have been ripped off so many times ive started my blog and linked it to amazon put videos in links etc all through doing your course I could have never done it without the watch over the shoulder videos I havnt finished the course yet as ive been ill for a few month and am now recovering I need to get back to the course to find out why I havnt made money yet ive started to get a bit of traffic and put more products on will do the next steps I think you give more help than any of the gurus out there and I hope that help youve give is rewarded I wouldnt trust anyone else and when I make enough I would like to come and meet you with my partner and thank you personally what more can I say your l of a kind really special person I would help people too xxx

  5. Sara, I watched the replay of this as the original was not on at a good time for me. Very comprehensive and good information on here. Useful to all people watching this. Thank you.


  6. Hi Sara, I can’t see the video, just a few lines of space between :
    “then you MUST watch the replay of Wednesday’s webinar.”
    and “It is time to clean up the mess in internet marketing…”
    Is it still available? I tried it on Firefox and Chrome, same thing. I really, really want to watch this! Can you help me, please?

  7. Hi Sara, I started this I M thing in 2006, I have had some success, but the bottom line is the failures have way outnumbered the wins. I wish I would have met you ten years ago. You are absolutely the best of the best.

    Your honest, your straight forward and to the point.. I love that.

    Thank you

  8. I’m surprised I wasn’t on your blog before, Sara! Now I’m stalking you 🙂 Thanks for all this GREAT information and motivation. Stay Blessed!


  9. Dear Sara followers, Sara a has a new course out Escaping the Vortex, I hope I can afford it. Its her best course so far. I hope she has a monthly payment palan for it as I can make it that way. Even 250 dollars a month would work. I hope this can happen. Sincerely, Evan


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