Buying Keywords – How to Find Profitable Keywords


Do you know which keywords to target in order to get lots of the RIGHT traffic? The kind that will want to buy the product or service you are promoting?

If you don’t get this right you are going to waste a LOT of time and be VERY frustrated.

Here’s what you need to know win this game:

1. Keyword Search Volume – how many people search for this keyword every month?

The higher the search volume, the more visitors your site will get when you rank for this keyword.

2. Competition – what is the competition like?

The lower the competition, the easier it will be for you to rank on the first page of Google for that keyword.

3. Buying Intent – what is the person searching on Google actually looking for?
Does the person intend to buy your product or service RIGHT NOW? The stronger the buying intent is, the more likely you are to make money from your visitors.

All 3 factors are important to your success. If you ignore one – you will have trouble making money.

Many people understand the first two, but I find that often people fail because they ignore the third.

So this blog post is going to explain buying intent, and how to factor that into your keyword research.

Ready? Let’s go.

When considering a keyword to rank for, you need to ask yourself:

What is the intent of the person searching? What are they looking for?

Do they want to buy something? Do they want information? Will they want to buy something in the future?

Different types of keywords need to be approached in different ways.

For example, if the person visiting your site is looking to buy something, you should help them do just that. If they need information – you need to give them the information they are looking for.

And even more important –

If you’re just getting into a niche and promoting a particular type of product for the first time, you want to stick to the buying type of keywords as much as possible.

In other words – you want to start by attracting people who are ready to buy.


For 2 reasons:

The first is simple. You’ll make money faster.

The second reason for starting with strong buying keywords is that it’s a great way to test a niche.

Buying keywords convert much better into sales.

If you aren’t making money from your buying keywords, you’re unlikely to make money from information keywords either.

If that happens, you need to go back and check what you are doing wrong.

The faster you realize you are doing something wrong, the faster you will get affiliate marketing to work for you.

And that’s why we start with high-converting buying keywords. You don’t need as much traffic to get to your site to realize if there is something wrong.

So you see – buying keywords are very important.

But what exactly are buying keywords?

First of all, here’s a little video I made that explains the process someone goes through before buying a product.

It’s actually something I cut out from a video I use for my affiliate marketing course, so please excuse me for not having an introduction and conclusion there.

From this video you can see that there is a continuum between buying keywords and information keywords. The continuum looks like this:

Find profitable keywords

It’s important for you to know where on the continuum each keyword is.

Here are some more examples:

Strong buying keywords (person definitely wants to buy something now):
buy nikon camera
nikon d3100 on sale

Product keywords (person very likely to want to buy something now):
nikon d3100

Weak buying keywords (person might want to buy something now):
nikon d3100 review
nikon d3100 vs d3200

Borderline keywords (person not likely to buy now, but likely to buy in the future):
watches for kids

Information keywords (person not likely to buy now):
how to tie a tie

My favorite keywords have always been product keywords because:

1. They have buying intent (as you can see in the video)

2. They usually have a much higher search volume than strong buying keywords

3. Until recently they were easy to rank for

However, because of recent Google changes, it is getting very hard to rank for certain product keywords.

So now, in some cases I’ll still aim for product keywords.

But in other cases I’ll go for strong buying keywords and weak buying keywords.

The strong buying keywords convert like crazy, and even though they don’t tend to have a lot of search volume – they bring in a lot of sales.

The weak buying keywords don’t convert as well, but they do tend to have high search volume so I get a lot of traffic from those – which leads to plenty of sales as well.

Now I’m sure you’re asking yourself why it’s getting harder to rank for product keywords.

What exactly happened on Google? And how exactly do I pick keywords now?

More on that in my next post.

Stay tuned.

In the meantime – if you have any questions on buying intent, please ask me below!

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9 thoughts on “Buying Keywords – How to Find Profitable Keywords”

  1. Hi Sara, thanks for this great information! I have a question…Does it mean that in some ways we can not now use the buying keywords guidelines you mentioned above? I look forward to your next article. Thanks a lot Sara!

  2. The strong buying keywords, product keywords and weak buying keywords that you have mentioned contain trade names. Don’t you think affiliates will be at risk in using such keywords. A company can claim damages of very high amount which most affiliates will be hardly able to afford. What are thoughts in this matter?

    • Not really. I’m not talking about using trade names in domains – that’s legally problematic. I’m just talking about ranking pages on your site for those words.

  3. Thanks, this is very straight forward advice!
    But I think the more specific buying keyword is (such such “Best Price on the Canon a590” the shorter the life cycle will be. A digital product will be soon outdated as new types and feature come into market very often. Consequently, the site owner has always to scale or expand sooner following the new trend.
    Am I right?

  4. I always enjoy hearing anything you have to say. It seems to cement it in my mind and I guess you can’t say enough about the right keywords. I’m kind of stuck right now as to what to do next,reading the fast cash program. We are moving , so I haven’t been as active as I want to be but hope to get back into it in another week.


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