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Not Making Sales

Solution If your article is not making sales, first read the troubleshooting guide here;

If you still don't have your answer, here are the most common mistakes people are making. Make sure you are not making these mistakes.

Mistake #1:
The title is not attractive to buyers.

Here are bad titles:

Bearpaw Boots
Bearpaw Boots - Why People Love Them
Bearpaw Boots Review
Bearpaw Boots - The Perfect Solution for Cold Feet

Read the TroubleShooting Guide to see why they are bad.

Here are good titles:

Best Places to Buy Bearpaw Boots
Where to Get Free Return Shipping on Bearpaw Boots
Bearpaw Boots - Where to Get the Best Deal
How to Save on Bearpaw Boots

Read the TroubleShooting Guide to see why they are good.

If your title is bad - you will not get buyers to click on your article and you will not get views or make sales.

Mistake #2;
The introduction paragraph does not talk about something interesting to buyers.

In your introduction paragraph, remind the reader what you are going to give them. That way they will continue to read your article and look for the link.

So if you told them you will show them where to get a great deal - mention it again in the opening paragraph.

Otherwise they might conclude from the first sentences that this article is not for them, and leave.

Mistake #3:
The resource box is not convincing.

Your resource box should finally give them what you promised them. Otherwise they will not click on.

Mistake #4:
The call to action is not convincing.

Your call to action on the landing page should also give them what you promised. Otherwise they will not click on.

Mistake #5:
The call to action is hard to find.

Your call to action should be on the top of the page, so they can see it without scrolling. It should also be in a big font, next to an image, and - preferably - in red. If you want people to click on your call to action, you need to make it easy to find.

If you have been making one of these mistakes, correct them and you will start making sales.

If not - please submit a support ticket and I will help you further.
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