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My Product Article Was Rejected - What to Do?

Solution The answer to this question depends on the reason your article was rejected.

If the rejection stated:
"Your article has been placed in problem status for linking to a page consisting primarily of advertising and/or your landing page does not contain enough informative content. In order to ensure a quality user experience, we can only accept links which direct to pages which are content-rich beyond advertising and products for sale. Please edit your article to link directly to the content-rich pages on your site, or edit the link to add additional informative content and resubmit for review."

That usually means that your landing page consists mainly of links and a dry Amazon product description.

Remove some of your links (2-3 are enough) and add 1-2 paragraphs of content to your landing page. 200 words are a good amount.

Then resubmit your article.

If you were rejected for another reason, feel free to open a support ticket and I will help you out.
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