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What Do I Write My First 10 Articles About? Do I Need to Pick a Product First? Do I Need Keywords?

Solution In lesson 1 I talk about writing 10 articles for EzineArticles.

This is completely optional and the ONLY purpose for these articles is to get Platinum status. Not for selling anything.

These articles can be about any topic you want to write about, but DO NOT write about products.

Do not confuse these articles with the product articles (which are discussed in lesson 7).

They can either be all on one topic, or on different topics. It doesn't matter.

There is no keyword research necessary for these articles. Just write about anything you wish.

Just make sure you follow the guidelines in the course.

These articles should not have links in the resource box (or anywhere else), though you can add them later.

If you don't like writing or find it difficult to write - just skip this step completely.

Click here for ideas on what to write about and article templates:
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