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How do I Add a Pen Name? Article rated 4.2/5.0
Go the EzineArticles Author's Area. Then click on: Profile Manager Edit Author Names Then scroll down to: Add an Alternate Author Name and add a pen name. Make sure you review the guide...
My Product Article Was Rejected - What to Do? Article rated 4.2/5.0
The answer to this question depends on the reason your article was rejected. If the rejection stated: "Your article has been placed in problem status for linking to a page consisting primaril...
What Do I Write My First 10 Articles About? Do I Need to Pick a Product First? Do I Need Keywords? Article rated 4.7/5.0
In lesson 1 I talk about writing 10 articles for EzineArticles. This is completely optional and the ONLY purpose for these articles is to get Platinum status. Not for selling anything. These ar...

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