How to Get Google Traffic In 48-72 Hours


Remember what I always say?

Google loves authority web 2.0 sites!

Well, this has just been confirmed after rigorous testing by SEO expert Terry Kyle. Yay!

Even though I’ve been seeing this work for years, it’s always nice to get confirmation from those who live and breathe SEO. 🙂

Here’s some background so we’re all on the same page:

How Google Ranks Sites

It used to be extremely easy to get Google to rank your site for specific keywords.

That is no longer the case, because today Google uses over 200 factors in figuring out which sites will show up at the top of its results.

That is very hard to keep up with!

And even worse… Google keeps changing its algorithm, so what worked yesterday may not work today.

The Dreaded Google Updates

Google releases updates to it’s algorithm on a regular basis because they are attempting to make the search results more targeted and effective.

Most of the updates fall under the following categories:

Panda – which is about on-Page SEO (ie the content and meta tags on your site) – making sure that spammy sites don’t end up in the search results.

Penguin – which is mostly about detecting spammy backlinks – again making sure that spammy sites don’t end in the search results.

Hummingbird – which is a new major revision of Google search that aims to focus on the meaning behind words used in searches.

Every time an update takes place there are people who lose their rankings, traffic, and income. That is why you must NEVER rely just on Google for traffic, or else your business can get wiped out overnight.

So Should We Stop Doing SEO?


Google is a huge source of traffic and can bring a lot of targeted visitors to your site who will buy your products (or affiliate products) and make you a lot of money.

Just don’t rely on Google alone.

Make sure you get traffic from other places as well.

Another thing: with all the updates and the confusion they create, there is a lot of misinformation out there. Make sure you know what exactly works for Google right now.

What Works Right Now?

Now we’re getting to the blog post that made me write this post. Terry Kyle, an SEO expert I respect and follow, has written about his test results that show how certain web 2.0 sites easily rank well on Google right now.

He calls it the Authority Parasite Strategy.

This is what I’ve been saying for a long time (I first taught this in 2009). I am guessing it will still work for quite a while, even with all the dreaded Google updates.

And even if one web 2.0 site loses its authority with Google, there will always be others that Google just loves.

It’s what we did in Easy Paycheck Formula 1 and what works so well now with Easy Paycheck Formula 2.

Here’s what Terry says to people who have lost ranking on their own sites:

2. Get your traffic back in 48-72 hours.

What you really want is the targeted traffic more than specific rankings. To that end, depending on your niche, an Authority Parasite Strategy could work.

What’s that exactly?

It’s where you bring traffic through a page on a site that Google ALREADY regards as high authority. Using my normal SEO methods, I’ve gotten inner pages on Authority Sites to Page 1 in about 48 hours and often they outrank the relevant category page on that same Authority Site (because the category page wasn’t SEOd).

Examples of sites suitable for this approach include:

  • YouTube videos (obviously)
  • PRWeb press releases
  • SB Wire press releases
  • LinkedIn profile pages
  • Pinterest pages
  • Amazon product pages (e.g. if you have a Kindle book)
  • Udemy product pages (e.g. free/paid mini-course on, Udemy pages rank fast and high with good SEO)
  • Facebook pages
  • Forum thread pages (e.g. Warrior Forum, Traffic Planet or major forums in your niche – don’t forget to keyword optimize your title when starting a new thread)
  • Twitter profile pages
  • Storify inner pages
  • Yahoo Answers
  • Groupon deal inner page
  • Tumblr (riskier option)
  • Squidoo (riskier and has been slapped by Google in the past)
  • page

(more details here)

What a great list!

Terry says you can get traffic within 48-72 hours and I’ve seen that happen, especially in forum threads.

Will it always happen? No.

So don’t despair if you don’t see an avalanche of visitors coming right away (that’s what other traffic methods are for).

But do be prepared to rank rather quickly.

For exact details on how to rank on web 2.0 sites on Google AND get immediate traffic from other sources, check out my course


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  1. As a newbie to internet marketing SEO sounds very daunting to me. And the fact that it keeps changing does not make me feel any better.

    However I am a believer that change brings opportunity. So in my mind this means I am now on a level playing field with more experienced people as we all have to learn new methods and techniques to get traffic.

    We on here have a big advantage however as you will be helping us on our journey!

    Many thanks for all your help so far Sara!

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