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It’s time for me to announce my new blog design.

It’s actually been ready for a while, but I’ve been busy working behind the scenes of my coaching program.

I’m very committed to that program, and spend a lot of time on it. However, it’s important that I post on this blog as well so I can help others who haven’t been able to join.

It’s a great way for me to communicate with my subscribers, and have an influence on many more people.

So here I am – writing here.

Please let me know – how do you like the new design?

The service I used for the design is 99designs.

The concept of this service is cool. You post your requirements, and get a whole bunch of designs from different people.

You get to pick the design you want, and until you pick the winning design, you can ask for as many modifications as you’d like.

I can’t say I got any stunning designs out of it, but I did get a bunch that were pretty good.

Including this one 🙂

One nice feature was the poll feature. I was able to create a poll, and ask my most valued customers for feedback on which design they liked.

This was really great, because I care about what my customers think. I know they’ll be coming here, and I want them to enjoy their stay.

And – well – this is the one they picked.

And I like it too.

How about you?

Actually, feel free to click the ‘like’ button below if you like it…

Expect new posts here about affiliate marketing. Actually, I think I’ll post one real soon.

If you have anything else you’d like me to cover here, just let me know.

I’m listening!

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12 thoughts on “My New Blog Design”

  1. Sara, I like your new blog design. It is very well done and easy to figure out:)
    I’ve been promoting you on my website all along simply because I see that you are a person with integrity and know your stuff.

  2. Thanks. I have an 8 month old baby, and haven’t yet updated the number of my kids everywhere 🙂 I guess it’s time to do that so it won’t be too confusing!

  3. Hi Sara,
    I realy like your new blog design, look real “fresh”.
    I notice that you are great mother please tell me the name of your son and daughter

  4. Sara, the blog looks great and I would not have expected anything less. Secondly, I want to say thank you for being such a great teacher. Without Insiders Profit Club, I would be completely lost. Thanks a hundred times over. Richard L. Willis

  5. Great design! Simple, bold and striking. I wanted to leave a comment on a blog about Insider profit program but didn’t see where I could post it. John was asking about it and I wanted to tell him that it was a good program and that you and Eddy are very helpful.


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